Have I JUST this minute SOLVED lost!!

With my keen detective EYE and bulging brian I think I have unlocked THE hidden secret of LOST!! The password OF the new hanso site is "BREAKING STRAIN" but HOLD you horses, this IS also the name of an ARTHUR c Clarke book called "BREAKING STRAIN"!! THe synopsis of this books is:
"Her code name is Sparta. Her beauty veils a mysterious past and abilities far surpassing those of a normal human. For she is more than human, Sparta is a product of advanced biotech engineering. Now she wants to find the memories that have been hidden from her."!!


  1. The password is not working... can you explain this??

  2. it's breaking strain with a space between the words

  3. well , the hanso foundation is related not directily connected to LOST , because it's in a game which shows not how the "real" lost is...

  4. i find your blog funny as shit! keep it up!
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    it's not LOST related but hey!!

  5. could be this too:

    Hymn of Breaking Strain

    Rudyard Kipling

    The careful text books measure
    (Let all who build beware!)
    The load, the shock, the pressure
    Material can bear.
    So, when the buckled girder
    Lets down the grinding span,
    The blame of loss, or murder,
    Is laid upon the man.
    Not on the Stuff--the Man!

    But in our daily dealing
    With stone and steel, we find
    The Gods have no such feeling
    Of justice toward mankind.
    To no set guage they make us,--
    For no laid course prepare--
    And presently o'ertake us
    With loads we cannot bear.
    Too merciless to bear.

    The prudent text-books give it
    In tables at the end--
    The stress that shears a rivet
    Or makes a tie-bar bend--
    What traffic wrecks macadam--
    What concrete should endure--
    But we, poor Sons of Adam,
    Have no such literature,
    To warn us or make sure!

    We hold all Earth to plunder--
    All Time and Space as well--
    Too wonder-stale to wonder
    At each new miracle;
    Till, in mid-illusion
    Of Godhead 'neath our hand,
    Falls multiple confusion
    On all we did or planned.
    The mighty works we planned.

    We only of Creation
    (Oh, luckier bridge and rail!)
    Abide the twin-damnation--
    To fail and know we fail.
    Yet we--by which sole token
    We know we once were Gods--
    Take shame in being broken
    However great the odds--
    The Burden or the Odds.

    Oh, veiled and secret Power
    Whose paths we seek in vain,
    Be with us in our hour
    Of overthrow and pain;
    That we--by which sure token
    We know thy ways are true--
    Inspite of being broken,
    Because of being broken,
    May rise and build anew.
    Stand up and build anew!

  6. What's the user name?

  7. On the Hanso Site where the Director of the Board section is it asks for a user name and password

  8. bulging brian, huh? All this time it thought it was a bulging brain.

  9. "Breaking Strain" by Arthur Clark is a short story about two guys on a spaceship that is leaking oxygen. It has nothing to do with what you just posted.

  10. I don't believe anyone has figured out how to log in to the Board of Directors area on the Hanso site yet. The password "breaking strain" works on the newsletter page. You pick whatever user name you want then wait for Persephone to ask if you "can read this", type yes then enter. You'll be asked for the password and that's when you enter "breaking strain".

  11. What the hell is a bulging "brian"


    Don't correct it either... answer yourself!

  12. I for one, do not wish to learn more of his "bulging brian"!

  13. lol... well i was reading some lost interview, and not even the director, producer, or whatever yea does not even know what lost is like they cant really solve it, know one knows people lol

  14. Go to Joop's Corner, send Joop a message
    type in "breaking strain" follow clink on circles a memo is reviled

  15. The book you ARE talking about IS called "Venus Prime" as EVERYONE can see BY looking at THE damn cover.
    IT is hard TO find a book JUST by it's TITLE isn't it?

    Oh and before i FORGET: where IS the LOST solving part OF this??
    Couldn't FIND it, yet. Must be my LOSS of that KEEN detective EYE...

  16. if beams that; but when you break persephone,returns quickly to directors boards, there the clock, will have become crazy and will show the word OBEY, is necessary to press them to be redirected to http://www.sublymonal.com/ ,here it´s necessary to press/click all the monitors until turn them green, that way, will reveal the code: HEIR APPARENT this is the code for directors boards... but we need the Login name.... :(

  17. It looks to me like the clue on the hanso site has a receipt that shows someone (Jack?) never went to medical school, or maybe it was Libby the clinical Phycologist

  18. Okay, go to Executive Bios, then click on the guy beside Hanso, the mittelwerk guy, and in the blank type "Heir Apparent" then press enter. Enjoy! :D


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