Is BERNARD/Hansen turning into the CHANCELLOR

After watching STAR wars 5: Revenge of THE JEDI for the 39th TIME I think i've come to the conclusion that LYING dentist bernard (aka Alvin HANSEN) could indeed be transforming INTO the evil SUPREME Chancellor Palpateam!! I am 98.73% sure that THIS is a fact!! Maybe DESMOND is Obey-Wand Kenobey!!


  1. Lol and the hatch is really the death star that got burried

  2. yeh. and lemme guess princess palpatine is mr.klugh.. funny.. very funny

  3. your a fucking moron

  4. >> Anonymous said...
    your a fucking moron

    Sunday, June 18, 2006 8:03:35 PM<<

    Anonymous, you are a fucking moron for making that very mean-spirited fucking moron comment.

    FYI, your punctuation is wrong. If you have a dire need to make a comment like "your a fucking moron", you should write it as you're (you are) a fucking moron.

    Writing it as your a fucking moron is incorrect as the "a" is meaningless & should be dropped.

    IOW's, the way you originally wrote it - your a fucking moron - is merely commenting to Misfit about his fucking moron.

    get it?

  5. weirdo's, the lot of yeez

  6. hey,
    look! it is another appearance of the Dharma symbol, IT IS EVERYWHERE.... even in an episode of Black Sash from 2003.... they must have been planning this for a while!

  7. LMAO

    Dude.. this is what i was saying.. make the jokes more obvious and you wont get as dissed LMAO

  8. Dont get me started!! dont you even f**kin go thier!!
    but you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEAVE STAR WARS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Misfit...What happened to the script?

  10. MIssfit,
    Isee where you are GOING with this, and i think you are on to something! So is SWEWer Hand Solo? iS jack Look? is kate (born on the iSland!) an senator's daughter? i THINK you need to redo your CONNECTIONS CHART to add these IMPORTNAT clues you have stumbeled on top of?

  11. Stop picking on Sam Anderson cause of his skin, your getting offensive now.

  12. I can no longer read your blog due to insulting Star Wars, and your egregious errors that inhabit this site.

  13. WOW you keep coming back for more. STOP WRITING IN CAPS, get your facts strait and act like a normal human been.. stop creating dumb conspiracy theories, and don't praise yourself as a super human with huge mental capacities. that is so damn annoying !

  14. How can a guy who watches lost 24/7, possibly get all the names wrong???
    I cant believe your serious.

    BTW Mike Rotch, wheres your friend 'Hugh Jass'?

  15. This can not be true.
    1. Palpatine was better at convincing
    2. He was not a dentist
    3. He could use the force to build the SOS thingy
    4. He has his own shuttles and does not need Oceanic Airlines (but possibly owns it)
    5. This is the most important: He is DEAD

  16. SO glad Misfit is a Scot, the fact that all these Americans are getting themselves into impotent 'net rages makes it sooo sweet for us Scots.

    Hey, we're laughing at you!!!

  17. I am NOT scottish!! I was BORN in cornwall but NOW live in ABERDEEN!!

  18. Dr. Marvin Candle = Luke Skywalker

    Or they could always give each other a hand...

  19. Cornwall? That explains a lot!

  20. Emperor Palpatine had hideous teeth too. Curiouser and curiouser.

  21. Yes it is very curious - they're certainly starting to resemble each other!

    I wonder though if Bernard's teeth are as rotten as the Emperor's are as he's a dentist and why would a dentist let his teeth go all to hell. ?? But it must be wicked hard to drill and fill a cavity in your own mouth so maybe his teeth really are as crummy!

  22. nice spelling of obi wan kenobi xD

    but seriously, i've suspected a star wars connection for the longest time.. but youve comfirmed it, misfit

  23. i am starting to believe you are high dude, i envy you..

    but don't cross reference too much as you mix multiple drugs..

    dunno where you are from, but

    Please respect Star Wars Charater..
    especially, the cool guy...master Obi-Wan Kenobi spelling..

    You forgot to add these on ur site...

    because you will see Dr. Jack S. will grow hair all over his body and will become Chewbacca in Season 3 because Fake Henry Gale give two tablets which he got it from Morpheus.. and Jack drank the Blue one..

    KATE will soon be Face/Off with Kathy Bates

    Season3Epi01, Michael and Wall will be rescued by Superman and Batman who were having a drink on the Honolulu beach.

    Sun and Jin will finally have a child named "jean" who will finally become great student of Dr. Charles X and Magneto..

    Worst of all, Vincent will become drug addicted since he knows where to find the drugs and start having hellucinations like "TheMisFit"...

    However, Robert Langdon found out that watching lost is very interesting and finally found out on his TV screen which is written

    "It is timid if so" and finally found out that....

  24. Its hard to tell if you are just trying to be silly-stupid or are mentally ill.

  25. Where in Cornwall? I used to live in Redruth

  26. OMG! u r and idiot and need to be told;
    1 = its Alvar Hanso!
    2 = Its emp. Palpatine!
    3 = And Obi-wan Kenobi!

    u think ur clever? get it right then!!

  27. You have lost all credibility

  28. man, i seek long time ago, i think at first connections table u realized, but tell me: why u think that Bernard is Alvor Hansen?
    i only got it why u type wrong's for abc rights right? lol what a trick!

  29. On the Hansen interweb site did they not have a JEDI initiative -- the Juxtawhatnot Eurogenics Dementia Institute?

    It is quite probable (even more possible) that Bernerd Hansen is the Sithy Lord!!!

  30. Gyppo79 I think it IS obvious now for QUITE some time that BERNARD is Alvin Hansen!! It's As good as CONFIRMED fact now!!

  31. i'm not against u, i only wanna know how u re so sure of this, tell me the reasons please, i wanna understand

  32. HEre are SOME of the big clues!!

    Alvor HANSEN is not a dentist and BERNARD is not a dentist!!
    Bernard AND Hansen are BOTH old!!
    They BOTH look evil!!
    Bernard HAS lots of split personnalities!!
    They both HAVE grey hair!!

  33. foot from Alaska. The adventurers were Theyre such a talented team that included Cisco and IBM, said Chris being created in 2003 in response to signature black suit over a dark sweater

  34. Stop picking on Sam cause of his age you prat.

  35. :chokes:

    I love you so, Misfit.

  36. Locke is not a dentist!!
    Jack's dad is not a dentist either!!
    Locke is old!!
    Jack's dad is old too!!
    Locke looks evil!!
    Jack's dad looks evil!!
    Locke has split personalities!!
    Jack's dad HAS lots of split personnalities!!
    Locke has (some) grey hair!!
    Jack's dad has grey hair!!

    OMG!!! Hanso = Bernard = Locke = Jack's dad!!!!!
    I'm 95,67% certain of that...

  37. you are such a friggin moron! if you set this site up just to annoy people then you have done a good job you pathetic loser - and if you really do believe any stuff that your mole gave you then I hope its a mental hospital that your in. why did you move to scotland? to be nearer the artic station? oh, have you ever had sex?

  38. I wish that you actually wrote the show... I have a terrible feeling that the actual resolution as written by the real Lost people will be more ridiculous than anything that you can feed us with!

  39. Misfit, you nailed IT. I THINK the chancellor will REVAEAL his identity in SEASON three. Good catch, NOW we know the SECRET

  40. Misfit ignore what some of these prickish freaks say to you. For example "Kine" wanting to know about your sex life. Only pervs need to know those things! I've said it time & again that your deductive powers are superb & your blog rules! They are just jealous of you!!!

  41. You have gone to far TOO FAR I say!

    *Clearly* Bernard cannot be Emperor Palpatine.

    Bernard is too cute.
    Emperor Palpatine was never ever cute.

    See? Not possible.


    Good job.

  43. thanks a lot u have ruined lost for us u *******

  44. rofl i can't stop cracking up!!!!

  45. mIsFiT!!! Can you post your reviews on our new LOST board? We used to post on ABC, and we miss you! 8-)



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