More important INFORMATION!! It was KATES's pregnancy test!!

I have DISCOVERED that the pregnancy TEST was that OF kates!! Remember she said "Who flies with a pregnancy test?"!!BUT, Kate's questioning of it seemed as though she was the one travelling WITH a pregnancy test!! Almost as though she was mocking SAID person to defer attention away from herself!! Her LAUGH was fake. Creepy scene!!

ALSO!! Maybe Kate has TAKEN a pregnancy test before!! IT hints towards another Kate flashback!! Brief marriage!! Possible pregnancy!! I wonder if Wayne gave her reason for the test!! Perhaps there WAS more than one way for him to be a PART of her!! Yes, she said he never touched her, but we KNOW she lies, and this would be a good way to EXPLAIN her murdering him!!


  1. There was something on one of the official ABC websites (maybe Don't recall fer sure...) that gave Kate's last name as "Ryan"... but in everything else, we have seen that it's "Austin"... this would tend to support your statement about brief marriage. Good work!

  2. She used the pseudonym "Maggie Ryan" in Whatever the Case May Be.

    (Of course, that might have been her evil twin.)

  3. You couldnt be more wrong sun and jin have been trying to have A BABY!!!
    Why else would sun ask sawyer for one, how could she possibly know he had one that why she ask to look through the stuff he had cuz she knew it was there.

  4. Nooo, it's just trying to draw more attention to the pregnancy test itself. On the official lost podcast, the writers mentioned some company name that we should look out for (i forgot what it was) and they said that the pregnancy test had that companies logo on it. Hmmm


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