No torturing was REQUIRED

Henry GALE claimed to BE from MINNESOTA !!! If you Add Henry Gale + MinneSOTA you get


I have JUST solved the PUZZLE with my DETECTIVE work!! I do not need to USE pliars like Sayid DID!!


  1. hi,

    that is unreal. how u figured that out is beyong me** dude, u must have so much time on your hands. i am a big fan of anagrams and puzzles of that nature. i am liking this one. great find misfit.

    keep it up~! peace

  2. right, so henry must be gutted now, ''ah darn it i forgot, my fake name and the place where i say im from is an anagram that says im lying, im buggared now'' do u think u could convict a murderer who was called hmm mark hill because his name contains the same letters that make the word 'kill'? do me a favour...FOOL!

  3. I think your right the producers once claimed they put little details in that well are so hard to find they woudlnt/didnt just pick the name "henry Gale" and they have a reason for the real and fake one coming for minnesota.

  4. I agree i think that your correct the producers once admitted they put in little clues to see if you'll catch them no one would have thoughten of this so it makes sence and they wouldnt get the name out of no where i think every little detail has a reason and them picking "Henry Gale" for a name and the place where he comes from is minnisota and his adress has the numbers in it .

  5. i dont get..please explain better

  6. Henry Gale was the name of the uncle from Wizard of Oz, look it up to see references to hot air balloons as well.

    Thes producers are pretty damn clever


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