All the books are BLANK!!!!

After Locke flips through the Owl creek bridge he picks up ANOTHER book, one with blue a cover, it appears HE flips through it also and from what i saw it was also blank. Maybe the reason locke is "organizing" is BECAUSE he realized all the books are blank!! Am I crazy!!


  1. * yeah, mike *
    * you´re totally nuts *
    * i luv your insanity *
    * makes my day *

  2. All I could think while reading this heading is Mitch Hedberg..."all the buns are blank".

  3. Lock was looking through the books to find more pieces of the film...

  4. are you crazy?
    no!!! perfectly sain, you and hurly could be brothers!!

  5. He's flipping through the books because off the bit if film Eko found in a bible in the other hatch. He's looking for more hidden goodies.

    The bible is not blank, nor is The Brothers Karamazov. Also, Sawyer has been reading lots of books, originally salvaged from the crash, but more recently from the hatch.


  6. You can only see the edges of the pages.

  7. you cannot see the pages you idiot


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