Episode 3 Minutes!! SPOILERS from my LEAKY mole!!

My mole SENT me an email with some INFO on the episode CALLED 3 minutes!! DO NOT READ if you don't want to be SPILLED!! Just REMEMBER where you heard this FIRST!!

1)THREE MINUTES is the amount of TIME Michael was allowed with WOLT!!
2)Walt is older than he was BEFORE!!
3)THE Survivors spot the sailboat!!The shocked LOOK you see in the PROMO!!
4)The Others ARE part of a resistance on the island!!
5)Michael was injected with something that alters his flashbacks and MEMORY!!
6)SOMETHING big is behind the DOOR!!Michael sees it but we dont!!
7)Fake Henry and Mr.Fiendly are both Widmore family MEMBERS!!
8)Walt says SOME interesting things 'three of us', it's 'almost time' and 'it's all for THE greater good'!!
9)The CRAZY french womans DAUGHTER is also seen!!
10)Vincent delivers a Heroin statue to Charlie!!
11)Claire holds hands with Charlie at the funeral!!


  1. omg, you are f****** good, i love you and your site :P

  2. Is this supposed to be for the next episode? (EP. 22)

    Very interesteing regardless. Especially the part about altered memories.

  3. Yes this is FOR episode 22 called 3 Minutes!!

  4. I think what the survivors see on the beach has something to do with the new people arriving at the island.
    Check out DarkUFO's spoiler list on the Lost forum at

  5. Well... i've read it. not so big spoilers :) i wonder who is this black woman in promo, who said "he is alive...", maybe you know something about her? :P

    Best wishes from POLAND again.

  6. Thank YOU poland!! Maybe she is the WOMAN from when EKO met the smoke monster AND those images flashed infront of HIS face!!

  7. I check your site each day and I grow to love more each day. Your a okey guy keep it up :)


  8. Poland is a COUNTRY ! You must have learn more before you start talking. sorry about mistake. I'm from Poland.

    (ten CIUL nawet nie umie po angielsku pisac >_< NIE ZNA sie na niczym (patrz ta notatka, oraz notatka ze szkieletem... a tak pozatym to zapraszam na lost.er.pl :] hehe }

  9. I'm from Poland too (it's look like you have a lot of fans here) and I don't know what my preceding speaker told and to who he told that...
    We love you Themisfitishere :)

  10. hey misfit,

    do u know were desmond comes from to be in the finalle. Has he been with the others?

    what else can u tell us?

    BTW your greattt

  11. Where the fuck is Poland? Is that a real place?


  12. Poland is country -_______________-
    And it can surprise you but it's in Europe...
    So yes, it's real place. I hope misfi knew that for begining :D

    So once again: Greetings from Poland!!

  13. What do you mean alter the flashbacks? I don't think they're actually having flashbacks when we see them, its just the producers showing what they have gone thru in the past

  14. OOOOOOH.....nice FOILERS!!

    this would look like real information...but it has been confirmed that...


    Do not believe any of this!!!

  15. yes, Walt is older because he is human. he is a growing boy.

  16. 'three of us' could equal Walt & the other 2 kids that have been taken. They have not mentioned them at all. The 3 kids all could have special powers, they only need aaron to finish the puzzle.

    Almost power ranger esk. All four kids will join their hands together and morph into something cool .. like a LIGER!

  17. MiSFiT, do you webcam? I'd love to webcam with you someday. You are very charming.

    ~a SeXY STaLKeR

  18. top five questions i have for the misfit

    1)when were you deleted from wikipedia?
    2)please tell me Mike Rotch is your real name!!
    3)do you hibernate with the show over the summer break, or curl up into a ball on the floor and cry yourself to sleep every night waiting for the new season like I do?
    4)are you a Scientologist like Abrams? if so, do you think Lost will end like Battlefield Earth, with someone blowing up John Travolta?
    5)does anyone care that I gave a spoiler for the third worst movie ever made? (behind Pay it Forward and Bring it On)

  19. With the 3's power combined.....Micheal is Captain Planet!!

  20. Why do you capitalize every other word? It looks childish and disjointed.

  21. I done knew all this like about weeks now


  22. 1)I did not KNOW that i was on WIKOPEDIA!!
    2)Yes that IS my real name!!
    3)No I just review THE old episodes OVER and over looking for CLUES!!
    5)I do not MIND!!

  23. Please SHOW me on spoilerfix WHERE these my spoilers are!!

  24. im off for tome tatties n haggis....keep up the work its amusing and occasionally insightful......when are the dons gonna win the premier league again??

  25. Misfit I think nokia and the hanso foundation are connected last n ight i was watching the nokia comercial i saw the two hands about to shake so i paused it brought up the hanso foundation and checked it was identical

  26. I am obsessed with this site ever since 2 days ago - I am watching C4/E4 Lost in UK so most of the info you're giving is related to episodes a long way away from where we are up to! I'd love to know whether that really was a school bus you spotted (sure looks like it to me!) and if so has it been discovered? Is there any relevance? The presence of a school bus on the Island would surely suggest that more children were once there...? Were they trying to (originally) recreate a normal community as such? If the original subjects were all parents? This may be a long shot but if the original children were not able to grow up and procreate then would that explain their interest in Walt, Aaron, Rousseau's daughter?

  27. Another idea... if the plane crash was accidental, then this experiment (which altho dharma/hanso kept an eye on, had probably been deemed failure due to to their original intentions i.e. super beings) might have been re-opened as such, due to there now being 'fresh' children on the island? The others (who i guess are volunteers/workers of hanso) possibly start receiving new orders from whoever is in control plus new food drops etc. I could be completely wrong! I was gutted that my purgatory idea was proved wrong but all this genetic/mind control/testing business is really intriguing. It's like Brave New World meets Lord Of The Flies!!!

  28. CONGRATULATIONS you are AN idiot.

  29. Misfit please write back about the nokia thing

  30. Ugh! The people who writing stuff like "Yoo're an idiot" just envy you misti! Don't listen to them (oh, i'm sure you do not)
    And I want to thank you. I was on your profile and i found that your favourite film is "Donnie Darko", so cause you my some kind of "wow-he's-great-i-want-like-what-he-likes"
    , I download this film (yes, yes, stealing, i'm sorry, it won't happen again) and it was gorgeous and totally great. Thanks for direct this film ^_____^
    PS: Regards from Poland part.3 (I think now you know it's COUNTRY!)
    PS2: Sorry for my english, but I'm still making it better. Hope I am readable. Bye :)

  31. i seriously can't believe that over half of the commentors on this website aren't intelligent enough to see that this entire website is a joke... this kept me chuckling for quite a bit... keep it up, man!

    PS. You're hotttttt

  32. You missed the "Eko and Charlie go into the pearl and watch the tape of Michael's shooting on the girls".

  33. He said his name was Mike Rotch. How fake could he be? lol.

    The only thing that I might agree with is Walt being older- look the the spoiler at www.lostlinks.net. He actually does look older. Who knows, it could be the light.

  34. I dont think people from Poland or any other South American country should be allowed to post.

    :) Caron

  35. all u gotta do is read the site dumb ass or can u read or are u to busy replying to your self

  36. Desmond chugs from a bottle of booze and spills a secret.

    I know you dont like me cause I know what is going on

  37. A leaky mole must be painful.

  38. Caron, why you think so? Poland is country like every other... Why people from Poland can't (in your opinion) post?

  39. Just read this:

    Ausiello: Will Malcolm David Kelley's growth spurt be addressed when he returns?
    Damon: Did you see him on My Name Is Earl?

    Ausiello: Yeah, he looked about the same.
    Damon: There's no growth spurt.

    Ausiello: But eventually he's going to grow.
    Damon: That's something we'll be dealing with in the third season. But in terms of these four episodes, it wasn't an issue. He looks like the same kid who was abducted off the raft [in May 2005], which was a month ago [in Lost time].

    Source: http://community.tvguide.com/forum.jspa?forumID=700000049&start=15

    So Walt didn't grow at all, which leads me to the conclusion that the person on the picture isn't Walt.

  40. i bet 40% of what you say turns out right and the rest is piffle

  41. i think wot u do is very in depth and shows u have talent but my god im addicted to lost but you got something else really man people are right in some ways about you should leave the house more ,use your skils to do something worthwile and please do shut up about your supposed amazing detective skills your getting an ego over copying and pasting a few frames off your pc

  42. watching in canada and he's bang on

  43. Damn this is the greatest Lost site ever.

  44. 1. Right
    2. Wrong
    3. Right
    4. Not addressed
    5. Not addressed, but kudos for knowing he was injected
    6. Wrong
    7. Not addressed
    8. Wrong
    9. Right
    10. Right
    11. Right

    So out of 11, only 5 of the things you said were correct or addressed in this episode.

    That's less than half, and 1 could've been guessed and Alex was seen in the promo shots. 10 and 11 are not very important. 3...that one is the only major one.

    One of your better posts, but some advice for future reference...

    Learn HOW to CAPITILIZE and less STUPID theories and more INTELLECT.


  45. that was a fast fix! from ferry to sail boat

    what a dork
    their is no mole he's all in ur head bet his name is Dave

  46. It looks LIKE my mole got soem STUFF wrong!!I will EMAIL him back!!

  47. God I love you misfit.

  48. I was just gonna say the same thing chris said.. 5/11. sorry bud.

    i am just glad that things are going good for charlie and claire. they are my favorite.

    one last thing.. everyone wants to know why do you capatalize random words?

  49. I make the words CAPS for the words THAT I want to stand out AS they are important for me!!

  50. After seeing 3 minutes. Your half right,, mostly wrong though, michael was not injected with anything, they took his blood. and walt did not say crazy things at all,

  51. *cough*walt*cough* not wolt =). and keep up the good work, sometimes it's a bit too much but mostly really cool ^^

  52. 2)Walt is older than he was BEFORE!!

    um ... were you expecting him to be younger?

    sorry .. couldn't resist ... :)

  53. Michael injected himself with the vaccine that he gives Claire in the end...he's supposed to take it every nine days it say on the package so something will probably happen to him when he doesn't take it...Claire's baby is likely to grow like Walt when it is injected for awhile...

  54. Somethings a show shot more than one scence to throw the workers off track. In Star Wars when Darth Vadar said "Luke I'm your father" in shooting the actor said something else and noone knew the secret until the film was finished.
    I sure Lost will be using more of these false filmings and false scripts in the future.

  55. Thank you for spoiling Star Wars for me, fake anonymous ^...Darth Vader is Luke's father? I was really looking forward to seeing this film, but now I guess there is no point...

  56. u added some after the show i could do that

  57. You forgot the most important part...

    Walt says(in the tent against his dad);
    **They make me take tests**
    **They are not who they say they are**
    **They are pretending**

    And as far as i could see Michael hasnt been in another hatch or near a door.

    If you ask me,the "others" are actoing to be savages ,in order from Dharma,wich is a big experimental thing.
    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW keep it up!!

    I would love to find out how long it takes for season 3 to run.Does anyone know about wich time/month they will air the new season ??

    THANKS :)



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