The ONE Legged and 4 TOED Alien Overlords are IN Charge!!

I think THAT I have solved some mORE mysteries last NIGHT!! It appears that THE Magnet in the MIDDLE of the island where they PRESS the button to stop it GOING loopy IS actually a CRASHED Alien spaceship or UFO (Unidentified FLYING oval)!! This Ship has a MASSIVE gravity MAGNET which must be controlled!! These ALIENS appear to be ENORMOUS and only have 1 leg and 4 toes!! I suspect that the OTHERS are actually trying to destroy the ALIENS!! I would suggest that the BEST approach would be TO trip them UP as they are obviously a LITTLE Wobbly with one ONE leg!!


  1. I hope they are not space aliens. My hubby suggested this last night. Having the Others be from outer space will ruin it for me. I want strange stuff happening because the island is a strange place.


  2. This is the most feasible theory I have read so far! Congratulations on such great perception!

  3. Maybe the writers read Thomas Love Peacock's Headlong Hall, written in 1816:

    "A mere wilderness, as you see, even now in December; but in summer a complete nursery of briers, a forest of thistles, a plantation of nettles, without any livestock but goats, that have eaten up all the bark of the trees. Here you see the pedestal of a statue, with only half a leg and four toes remaining: there were many here once."

  4. I remember a The Simpsons episode where Bart says "ohhhhh five finger? freak show"
    All the people on The Simpsons have four fingers and four toes.
    The statue is non-other than Maggie Simpson.
    If one believes that The Simpsons are real, they of course, live on
    another planet,or another plain of being. So the statue could in-fact be an alien.

  5. Just the statue of liberty from an alternate universe. Nothing special.

  6. UFO=Unidentified Flying OBJECT...not oval.

    "trip them UP"???? Come've come up with some legit stuff before; don't be a bonehead.

  7. Hahahaha, this is the most stupid thing that I hear in all your blog, hahaha XD

  8. it's a widespread idea that the next natural step in human evolution will be the loss of the last toe. it's useless and will begin to waste away like the pancreas. Therefore, the statue is a statue for the evolved man...the whole point of dharma.

  9. How about this? Your site is ThEmIsFiTiShErE. If you take the capitalized letters you get TEIFTSEE. Rearrange them you get FEET SITE!! You are truly prophetic. I am confident that there are other such statues so FEET, not foot, will be confirmed in season 3.

  10. This is Homer Simpson's foot from the Stonecutter episode. Remember that painting of him? He was wearing the same kind of shoes.

  11. UFO - Unidentified Flying Object. lol

    Aliens - not too keen on that idea. I think it's probably some ancient statue or something like that.

  12. Cool, read my email and note... the "Giants" reference from the Knights Templar Latin Dictionary site... Permissum Vestri Complector Rector "VOS". i.e., letyourcompassguideyou. Isn't anyone out there paying attention!!!

  13. At a salon where I get my pedicures I saw a girl recently who had six toes on her right foot. My first thought was...Does she get charged more for a pedicure than girl with the standard 5 toes would? And then I wondered..Why didnt she have that sixth toe removed? Any thoughts?


  14. What's wrong with you people, don't you know irony when you see it. ITS A JOKE

  15. Six toes?! Eww. Now that's just wrong.

  16. look mate i like looking at your website for funny stuff but this is just stupid, that leg has blatenly been computer animated to be put there by you! even i could do that you dont expect us to belive this do ya?

  17. Your crackpot theories have unlimited entertainment potential.

  18. uuhahhahhahahhahaa
    Are you retarded?Or blind?

  19. Read up on one of the seven wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Some depictions show the giant statue standing with its foot on either side of an entrance to a bay, as in the picture here. It was supposedly destroyed in an earthquake.

    I suspect the foot is a remnant of a statue from an ancient civilization. Due to the anomalies on the island, perhaps the people developed differently then people in other parts of the world, and with different abilities. Maybe that was a reason why the Dharma folks chose the island?

  20. "it's a widespread idea that the next natural step in human evolution will be the loss of the last toe. it's useless and will begin to waste away like the pancreas. Therefore, the statue is a statue for the evolved man...the whole point of dharma."

    I'll have to agree with this one. It's the best theory I've heard so far. Although the reference to the statue in Headlong Hall is quite interesting. But what I wan't to know is...what happened to the rest of the statue?

  21. Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking here for a while but felt compelled to post this, I think I've figured out the secret about the four toed foot.
    Anyone ever seen Spinal Tap? I think it went down like this:

    Writer: (to Special effects guy) We need a giant foot!

    Special Effects Guy: A giant foot?

    Writer: Yeah, a giant statue foot, like an ancient Greek god or something

    Special Effects Guy: A giant statue foot?

    Writer: Yeah, wearing a sandal.

    Special Effects Guy: Wearing a sandal?

    Writer: Yeah ... like this ... (grabs a napkin nearby and sketches a poorly drawn Flintstone-esque foot)

    Special Effects Guy: You want me to make a foot like this?

    Writer: Yeah, just like this ... make it really big.

    Special Effects Guy: OK .. you've got it.

    Writer: (After seeing the giant foot on the set) This foot only has four toes!

    Special Effects Guy: That's what you drew

    Writer: But it only has four toes! It's like some kind of mutant foot!

    Special Effects Guy: I just did what you told me.

    Writer: It's a complete catastrophe!

    ... And after that, they had to write it into the script.

    What do you all think?

  22. what is rong with you...

  23. I have an idea

    sure, it only has four toes, but Hurley has 5 stomachs, so it's not that out of the ordinary

  24. yes the spinal tap thing would make sense, they deserve to let off steam with a joke like that on last show of good series

  25. Unidentified Flying Ovals?

  26. Are you kidding me?? I hope you are just trying to be funny. First Vincent the dog is "HIM" and now there are aliens on the Island. The creator (JJ Abrams) already stated that everything is logical- which means vincent cant talk, and he already said that there are no Aliens on the island or having anything to do with the show.

    Your theorys are way too out there to the point where they make no sence whatsoever

  27. I think the island is actually Liliput from Gulliver! The foot has strings around it and it could be Gulliver's foot being attacked by the midgets.

  28. lol are you thick or what? that is not an alien its not even on 1 of the lost episodes UFO stands for unidentified flying object!

  29. If they only have one leg, why would they have a need for a big toe as opposed to 4 evenly sized toes?

  30. If they only have one leg, why would they have a need for a big toe as opposed to 4 evenly sized toes?


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