More OFF Island Others are being FOUND

With eyes BETTER than that of Steve Austlin of the 5 Million Dollar Men I have found more PROOF that the OTHERS are also OFF the island and HAVE interacted with the Survivors of FLight 816!! You can clearly SEE Katey with an other WHo like in my other FINDS has a MISSING thumb!! This appears to be a BIG characteristic OF these pesky Others!! I am nOw 99.4389% close to SOLVING Lost!! The writers JH Abrahams and Damiamn Lindoff WILL be getting worried that I don't get to 100% before Season 3 starts!!


  1. Wow, awsome WORK misfit! :)

    JJ Abrahams and Damiane Lindoff will be VERY agry WITH you

  2. looks a little bit like a cut off thumb but i think his thumb may just be behind the paper and ur site is the best in the whole world

  3. Misfit, i want you to listen to me!

    first:try acting as an Adult

    2nd: dubbelcheck before you post, her thumb is behind the letter/paper whatever it is

    3d: You have NOT solved lost for 99.blabla% becouse Season 3 is not even started so you cant have solved it

    4th: PLEASE learn to spell correct and typ the names correct, its flight 815 not 816, JACKASS

  4. youre a clown you find still frames where it looks like he has 4 fingers and now thunmb and then post sayin you found a other off the island and always sayin that abc lawyers are goin to shut you down now they wont they are laughin at you just like everyone else

  5. I don't know that the thumb is missing but I tried picking up a letter with my thumb tucked under like that and it's a rather awkward way to pick up a letter. Interesting find. While all your finds may not be great they're at the very least entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  6. the writers arnt worried, theyre laughing at you. you havent solved one piece and if you have, please state how you solved LOST. youve found stupid little things that dont pertain to anything except trying to make old men without women feel like theyve accomplished something

  7. hey i think you have an awesome site with awesome theories, but being a lost fan myself i think people will find your theories more credible if you had your facts straight ... i mean come on flight 816? you have got to be kidding about that one ... being a detective you NEED to get yours facts straight!

    great site though

  8. Holy cow, you are incredible. This must somehow be related to the four-toed statue. Keep up the great work. While your detective skills are unrivaled no doubt, your spelling skills are on the level of Dora the Explorer.

  9. Hahaahahahahahaha, you people who still don't realise that 96.3678374453 percent of what he says is a joke need to go jump of a bridge, and quit acting like your so goddamn smart.

  10. damn you are getting bad now looking for a needle in a hay stack theirs nothing their

  11. Another behind the object post... lame.

  12. I think JJ and Damon will be pissed off at you because you can't spell to save your life..

  13. i think that the misfit is mentaly challenged ...i think he is from the U.K. and has no idea about american tv or history for one its not the 5 million dollar man its 6and for another interesting fact to his comments about the specific time the plane went down 7:43and 20 secs ...he compared himself to the dude that found the valley of the queens.....ummmmm DUHHHHHHHH its the valley of the kings not queens .

  14. ROFLMAO at some of these comments especially the anonymous (Sunday, July 09, 2006 6:47:27 PM) one which berates Misfit's bad spelling but then spelled double check as dubbelcheck.

    Then he/she proceeded to call Misfit a jackass.

    so now, will the real jackass please stand up?

  15. Τι χαίρεσαι ρε μαλάκα Jo Zay, μη σε γαμήσω ανάποδα...? είσαι πολύ αστείος νομίζεις με τις μαλακίες που γράφεις ?
    λοιπόν κάτσε καλά μην σε κάνω δονητή και σε βάλω σο μουνί της μάνας σου...

  16. la neta estas bien pendejo no sabes ni madres de lost YOU CANT SOLVE LOST if you say that you are 99.56% to solve it then tell me what is it?, what does it mean the island?, what is wrong with that island?, who are the other? where is alvar hanso? who is alvar hanso? what its the dharma initiative? what is the valenzeti equation?, whats wrong with vincent?, does walt have special powers?, does locke already knew something about the island?, the sickness is true?, what was the incident?, what cause the incident?, what happen to the hatch?, what happens when nobody stops the system failure?, what do the numbers mean?, are locke mr eko and Desmond alive?, what is the use of the key? answer me all that questions i am sure that you cant so stop saying that you are 99.shit porcent to solve it because your theories are stupid and senseless

  17. Jo Zay: how stupid are you? that's called sarcasm einstein...

  18. jefflebowski so you keep complaining yet you keep reading and posting. Nice work moron. Are you lacking attention?

  19. I found this information and posted it on Google groups on Sunday. Its funny that you found it the same day too. If you will look closer, the no thumb is not the main thing. He has a deformed ear. Winston.

  20. I will answer these straight away:

    (1) What does it mean the island?

    It means a land mass surrounded by water.

    (2) What is wrong with that island?

    No one can find it, and there is no Starbucks.

    (3) Who are the other?

    Depends on perspective, innit?

    (4) Where is alvar hanso?

    He is on the telly and the Interweb.

    (5) Who is alvar hanso?

    Some sort of doofy industrialist who talked to UN in 1967 (along wif Keef Richards)

    (6) What its the dharma initiative?

    A way to keep very smart hippies and Utopian thinkers occupied (as well as hatch builders and others)

    (7) what is the valenzeti equation?

    An equation developed by Valenzetti.

    (8) Whats wrong with vincent?

    He's a dog without a partner.

    (9) Does walt have special powers?

    Depends what you mean by special.

    (10) Does locke already knew something about the island?


    (11) The sickness is true?

    Absolutely, unless proven otherwise.

    (12) What was the incident?

    The thing that happened.

    (13) What cause the incident?

    The thing that made it happened.

    (14) What happen to the hatch?

    Sent to prison for tax evasion.

    (15) What happens when nobody stops the system failure?

    The system fails.

    (16) What do the numbers mean?

    Mean by what?

    (17) Sre locke mr eko and Desmond alive?


    (18)What is the use of the key?

    To turn in the lock.

    answer me all that questions

    You are welcome. Earl of Slough.

  21. idiot.... this is not a missing finger... please just act like as a human I know I can not expect you to be a human but I think you can act as a human...


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