Everyone BUT the lostigator missed A massive CLUE last night!!

Well SEASON 3 looks like being a BUSY one for the Lostigator!! I am one of the FEW people ALIVE or dead who could have found this Gigantic CLUE!! The CD that Julie plays at the BEGINNING is not Downtime by Perculiar Clarke but it is A CD BY Talkings Head called Talking on Tongues!! I suspect THAT downtime was BEING pumped into her house BY the the Madman BENNY and his amish Village!!

This was FURTHER proven when SHE put the cd in the cd player UPSIDE down!! SHE put it in SHINEY side up with is WRONG!! VERY WRONG!!


  1. The song was Downtown by Petula Clark (hope I spelled that correctly) But yours was much funnier. :)

  2. Or maybe it was a blank CD and she burned the song onto it..

  3. But WHY would she put iT into a Talkings HEAD cd case!! It does NOT make any sense!!

  4. why would he do that, there working for the same ppl, and sumtimes cds have that, the shinny side on both sides retard

  5. And it's so not an Amish village. Give them a break.

  6. Actually, if you stop a screen shot on the CD when she holds it in her hand, it actually says CD - This side up. There's also something written with magic marker on it, but I couldn't make it out on my TV. So yeah, that is the right side. I also found it odd that the CD case was from the Talking Heads though...

  7. sorry dude you werent the only one who saw that
    thing is I have CD like that
    and I have put CD in wrong case

  8. actually of you go to lostpedia it says that is a dualdisc cd/DVD obviously she put it in a wrong case that happens misfit it really happens i have make that a thousand times!!!!

  9. Actually, the shiny side up is the DVD side. Doesn't anyone else recognize this CD as being one of the new ones where there is CD information on one side and DVD info on the other side?

  10. If you're so smart, you'd know that the cd case is from the Talking Heads' Speaking In Tongues.

  11. To the noob above, if you actually read the misfits post he already stated that was the cd. FFS people learn to read before you have a go at someone.

    If you don't like this blog then just fuck off. There are a lot us here who do enjoy the misfits humour, everyone else just fuck off.

  12. >>>Doesn't anyone else recognize this CD as being one
    >>>of the new ones where there is CD information
    >>>on one side and DVD info on the other side?

    Yes, and it was the TALKING HEADS- "Remain In Light" dual-disc, too.

    See it here at AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/poc6s

    And... seeing as this *is* the Rhino Dual Disc version...
    this configuration of the CD was not released until...
    February 14, 2006. DUAL disc? DUAL timeline clues?

    To me the T-HEADS disc was represented as the
    disc that was put in to play PETULA CLARK- Downtown.
    I see it no other way. So what's up with this whole scenario???

    Dr. Mark

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    "Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/ drmark7@juno.com
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  13. Hmmm well obviously you ain't that smart, Have you never heard of double sided Cd's? I have many of them.

    And also if you look through my Cd collection you will find many Cd's in the wrong cases.

    Even if I know they are in the wrong case they will just stay there and I know where to get them from when i need it.

    Your shoulders are to small for your big head.

    Also have you never heard of a spell checker?

  14. they cant be amish because they dont beleive in violence, remember ethan hanging charlie, zeke shooting sawyer

  15. Are you stupid? Many music playerstasions are made to play cds shiny side up. Mine is like that. It is obiously, that you dont know anything obout cd-players.

  16. But....

    The CD itself was "Okemah And The Melody Of Riot" by Son Volt

    This is confirmed by the catalog number, which is imprinted on the inside ring of the disk!

    So she takes Son Volt out of a Talking Heads case and it plays Downtown? Shoot.. maybe this does something to change the values of the equation!

  17. I find it funny that the people who attack ThEmIsFiT often go off on things that make THEM look stupid?

  18. what the hells an amish village?


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