Is the SICKNESS acid rain!!

Well LOOKING at poor Sawyer getting SOAKED by the painfull ACID rain I think it is obvious to EveryONE that the SICKNESS is now in the ACID rain!! I think THIS is how the alien overloards ensure that EVERYONE gets the sickness and goes Barmy!!

This CONFIRMS my other facts and DISCOVERIES and has nw PUT me at an Life Changing 99.753% to finally SOLVING the puzzle that is LOST!! It is good to HAVE lost back so that my Hoards of Fans and Wellwishers can continue TO enjoy my VERY important discovieries!! I suspect AS usual ABC will be FURIOUS with me and will once AGAIN attempt to have ME shut down or Even worse removed from Society!!


  1. you are surely no are a freak, which steals from other sites, nothing more.

    So please close this Site, you make your self a fool

  2. How about Anonymous #1 go close
    himself in a cage with no sunlight, food, water, or porn to keep him entertained.

    You sad sad little man. (If you're a girl, don't even bother posting back. Your vagina means nothing to be other than the fact that you being a douche could be useful only to yourself)

    It saddens me that so many people don't understand what the Misfit does. He knows LOST as much as we do, if not more because sometimes he actually finds mistakes in the show that we don't notice. He purposfully spells wrong, gets facts wrong etc.

    So honestly...get your head out of your ass. You cannot just sit there and say things saying how "stupid" he is, when you don't even have the brain power to realise it's a joke.

  3. he thirsty, it is rainning, what do you try to drink it.

  4. No he is SCREAMING in pain becuase of the ACID!! Why would he DRINK it he does NOT want to get the SICKNESS!!

    SOMEONE HAS HURT HIM, nothing else.
    You forgot a - in fron of your 99%
    because you haven´t solved anything until now. You are far far away from being a lostigator.

  6. they been in the rain before this

  7. Actually I think Sawyer is howling in anguish at some pps' failure to appreciate The Misfits' genius!


  8. Or could he be trying to swallow the acid rain to flush out the alien he has been impregnated with by one teleported from one of the Aliens movies?

  9. if it was acid rain sawyer would be melting and dying in agony

  10. I suspect AS usual ABC will be FURIOUS with me and will once AGAIN attempt to have ME shut down or Even worse removed from Society

    pleaes someone make this happen

    comment #2 - we realise its a joke, its just a really bad one that you need to have a low IQ to get and enjoy it. When he has a good fact fair play. if it is his

  11. you are building a theory but thats all you are making they cant flip all your "descoveries" in one episode so shut the fuck up!

  12. i think u could be onto something
    "ACID" rain (L.S.D)
    sawyer is drinking acid(lsd) rain
    and is just having one big trip
    the island doesnt exist, he is sat in the 60's dressed in flowerd paisly shirts hallucinating the whole lost experence

  13. Poor thing, the acid rain it´s hurting him so much... I hope crazy Bernard could stop this evil experiment!!!!

  14. acid rain??? wtf are you for real?

    my god youre right he's melting...

    lord help us all...

  15. watch lost season 3 episode 2 at before before waiting for it to download!


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