Kate was ON the commune WITH Lock!!

Back AND better than EVER!! SOon I will post MY review of THE last episode with some INTERESTING finds!! THis will BE online very soon!! But I wanted to SHARE this with you before MY fiends!! Here USING complex software MATCHING and using my MASSIVE brain power I have WORKED out who the WOMAN was that walked PAST evil LYING Policeman Teddy and gun crazed LOCKE!! It was KATE!! I have matched the following TO determine a 99.934% MATCH!!

- Hair COLOUR and shape!!
- Shoulder SHAPE!!
- Elbow bend!!
- Height and Weight!!
- Width of Bottom!!
- Eye COLOUR!!
- HAND size!!

I think YOU will have to agree WITH me that this is NOW a confirmed FACT that will be revealed IN kates flashback!!


  1. woow misfit good find u should have your own T.V show good job!!

  2. Yes, it's TRUE! I just ran my own butt recognition software to compare the two, and it's a 99,89% match. There is no way around the fact, that Kate's butt is identical to the one shown in that flashback, so it definitely IS Kate!!!

    It's now up to the OtHeRs, to find out the relation of that circumstance. So why has she been there? Just for the good smoke, or is there anything else? Was she keeping an eye on John, or was the observing the camp as a police officer as well? She also could just have been there for the nice sweat tent, because it's healthy!


  4. miss shit you are a fool

  5. her arse (fanny if you are from usa is to big for her to be the beauty that is kate

  6. that elbow bend comparison is irrefutable evidence that is kate. good hustle misfit, no one else would have gone to such lengths. you truly are like shemlock holmes.

  7. ya when she was on the run and needed a place to stay,she prolly found a home with that place like locke .

  8. mF, you nearly made me piss myself with laughter. Keep it up! I think with this one you must be over the 101% mark...

  9. I know this site is for laughs and all but is that not the girl Eddie refers to as "lizzy" I thought it looked like kate too but i am pretty sure he calls her lizzy.

  10. Yep the hips & the hair extensions are very good clues. Its either the real Kate or her clone. Now that you've gotten me really curious Misfit, they better be revealing this truth in her flashback that, indeed, she found a hideout in Lock's commune. Otherwise I'll be forced to believe that JayJay Abrahams is just chintzy with hiring more actors & has written clauses into everybody's contracts that force them to do double duty roles!

  11. KATE WAS spying on Locke in this episode's flashback just like JIN WAS spying on Locke in the flashback of the episode "Lockdown" in season 2.

    In "Lockedown" -
    1- Jin was mowing the grass at Locke's dad's funeral.

    2- Jin was in the bar with Locke and Locke's dad (he walkes by just as Locke takes a shot)

    3- Jin is on the 2nd story walkway of the Hotel as Locke gets out of the car to deliver the money.

    In this episode Kate is spying on Locker and Tom Friendly is testing Locket's capabilities to hunt and farm.

    Jin AND Kate are "plants", recruited by evil Bernard AKA Alvar Hanso AKA MR. Gorpley to spy on Locke.

  12. If its true, I wonder why they dont seem to know each other when they first met on the island.

  13. Joe Ballz said... miss shit why do you talk to yourself in your pathetic blogs????? you are the only person who think that bernard is alver hanso.... you have totally busted youself....maybe if you spend some time doing some proper reserch you would find a site called that hanso foundation and you will see what alver looks like.... and it is not bernard you pathetic fool...


    ....also do a serch on rachael blake she meets him.....

    poor pathetic miss shit

  14. the flash back is about 10 years in the past Kate would still be a KID!!

  15. hmm..it all depends on how long kate has been running for..shes been to a lot of places..iowa..new mexico..this could have happened just 4 years before the crash..locke could get paralyzed right after he leaves this place..and kate could be on the run..so i guess it could be her..but the butt looks too big to be kate..and i think she has more hair than kate


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