My SUMMARY of Episode Further Information!!

Here IS my summary of Further Information!! I rated THIS 8.985 out of 11!!

- Charlie IS very RUBBISH at playing Charades AND pictionary!!
- LOCKE is an ARMS dealer!!
- Locke is ALSO a drugs DEALER!!
- Locke DOES not know his own BIRTHDAY!!
- CRAZY irish DESMOND can see into the FUTURE!!
- Hurley USED to work as AN Oceanic CHECK-IN Clerk!!
- DESMOND in the future WILL be a PILOT for ocean airlines!!
- BENNY has a CLONE who works in ocean airlines AIRPORT security!!
- Mr FIENDLY AKA (crazy TOM) is head of the DRUGS ring COMMUNE!!
- Kevin INMAN was killed by the POLAR bear!!
- The BI-POLAR bear eats CHILDREN!!
- Mr Echo TALKS in his sleep!!
- DESMOND has seen the FUTURE and likes THROWING stones into the LARGE pond!!

I will HAVE some IMAGES of these fact BASED factoid discoveries SOON!!


  1. misfit do u know wer i can see this ep i saw 1 and 2 of season 3 but im from australia and i saw the other eps on you tube!

  2. I have to admit, that I like the idea, that Desmond really is DEAD now, and only John and Hurley can see him! He could have become the ambassador of the island, so that John does not have to take any more dangerous drugs.

  3. There is more about Desmond you didn't cover:

    The hatch implosion didn't just blow off his cloths. He clearly got naked by himself on purpose, because the OtHeRs demanded! You ask "why"? Because it got too hot, his cloths became too sweaty (probably some shit & piss as well), so the OtHeRs decided, it was time to burn them, as they did with Kate's cloths. The problem was, the OtHeRs only had to offer another girl's dress, so Desmond choose to stay naked!

    I am confident, that the interaction between Desmond and the OtHeRs is soon to be revealed!

  4. MISFIT!

    why WOULD peace-locing HIPPIES have GUNS!

    this is an IMPORTANT observation you SHOULD incorparate into the theory!

  5. miss shit you are a fool....thats the fact

  6. Nice stuff. I couldn't have put it better myself.

  7. any true Scot would be able to tell you that Desmond is not Irish!! i thought the Misfit was from Aberdeen and am surprised he didn't realise Desmond is also Scottish.

  8. Eko talking to John represents Eko's subconscious talking the Locke's subconscious. It's a higher level of thinking, and one that is obviously happening on the island between other people as well. Desmond being the airline pilot in the airport scene represents the fact that Desmond is a leader, and shows that in the future he will be in charge of the Losties and the direction they go in, like an airline pilot would fly a plane. We know Kevin Inman was killed by Desmond. I don't think the commune leader was Mr. Friendly, only because they have a different nose and chin. I think Hurley was an ticket counter rep. because it shows that he serves the people he is with. He is not a leader or a follower, he will do everything he can to help everyone who needs help. I think there is a lot in the airport scene that needs to be examined.

  9. I agree with you Misfit. The reason that Desmond can see into the future is cuz he really did die in the big blowup. His spirit went to another dimension where we'll all go after we croak. Time, as we know it, blends together in that dimension so thats how Des knew about Locke's speech. When he came back to the physical 3rd dimension that we currently live in, he was symbolically reborn - as naked as a newborn babe. He's confoosed about this so thats why he needed to ponder his traumatic experience by the ocean's edge mindlessly tossing stones into the big pond.

  10. Desmond is either dead or had a vision with the island similar to Locke. That is why he was naked. No one else saw him on the island except Hurley and Locke. Think about it and review the end of ep3 season 3. He can't see the future, he is either the "island talking" or he had a vision of the future in an "island dream". Locke isn't a drug dealer, he is just a man in search of acceptance and being put into bad circumstances. Mr. Friendly is not the guy from the camp. He's dark skinned and Mr. Friendly is very light skinned. They wouldn't screw that up in the casting. Believe me.
    That dream of Locke's was an insight on the island. Not clues to what every DID BEFORE. Hurley is just an in-betweener, working "kind of" for Ben, but not really. So that is why he is by himself acting as "security". He is supposed to tell the losties to stay away, hence, giving them security.

    Dude, please don't post theories until after Wednesday night. You need to digest them first.


  11. You're getting too witty!

  12. "Large Pond! Misfit, do you know something we don't? Maybe next week the thing henry shows Sawyer is that it is not the sea they are next to but a "pond" in the middle of a ring of land, the last ring of land in all the world!!!! mwuhahahahahah

    kepp up the great investigating


  13. misfit do u know wer i can see this ep i saw 1 and 2 of season 3 but im from australia and i saw the other eps on you tube!

  14. misfit do u know wer i can see this ep i saw 1 and 2 of season 3 but im from australia and i saw the other eps on you tube!

  15. misfit do u know wer i can see this ep i saw 1 and 2 of season 3 but im from australia and i saw the other eps on you tube!

    Torrents from just about everywhere, but the other two (above) are easier to do

  16. dude
    it was a freak out, all of that shit at the airport wasnt real u fucking fag, and ooooo desmond throws rocks, so do i fucking gay ass homo

  17. Kevin INMAN was killed by the POLAR bear? we all see that kelvin was killed by desmond jackass

  18. I like how Locke's dream kinda meant something... like Henry Gale working as a security guard telling Jack to stay away from his people, or Desmond to be a future leader of the Losties {I wonder what Locke, Sayid and Eko will say to that?}. As for Desmond seeing into the future, he's doing what Locke and Eko have done. Maybe everyone on the island has secret powers just like Walt did?

  19. You are one useless fooked person. Have you actually seen episode 3? Or just some pics you found on the net?

    Sort your fooking life out.

    fooking cripple

  20. Part 1
    Locke's Mystery Island Peyote allows users to see into the future.

    1-When it was used on Boone, he saw Shannon's dead body, but Shannon died long after Boone.

    2-In the Airport vision, we clearly hear Sawyer tell Kate to "Wipe the Stars out of your eyes"... He doesn't say that til the next episode...

    THEREFORE: Locke's Mystery Island Peyote is the bombass shiznit!!!?!!!&!

    Part 2
    Locke DIDN'T LOSE his VOICE in the implosion. He tried to call out to Desmond... but when he saw Desmond's nudity, in full Scottish glory, he was rendered speechless!


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