Numbers and WORDS = CLUES!!

Yes and there LIKE a FREIGHT Car there IS not stopping ME!! Looking at the DEEPNESS of lost AND having an IQ of probably 230 I have FOUND more massive CLUES that Carton Curse IS leaving us in the SHOW!! WE see that those PESKY NUMBERS are back again on Jacks PAGER and this is a sign of FOREBODING!! We also HAVE some CRYPTIC clues about the RAFT and BOON and some uncessarey EVILS that will TAKE place soon!! Rememeber FAN PEOPLE there is no need to THANK me for THIS is what I do and do WELL!!


  1. Carlton are funny. 8:15:23 would have been better. Just curious that you haven't picked up on the numbers thing before now. Colors too. Every prop is there for a reason etc. You do have great enthusiasm and that is refreshing

  2. it only says sum of the numbers

  3. what do the words on the crossword say? can you blow it up??

  4. You need to CLICK on the photo to make it ZOOM massievly!!

  5. welcome back misfit season 3 is going to be fun with you and your facts.

  6. haha. you are intense

    love ur sight


  7. Going across:

    bassets, clarion, allmere, lesasre, breakintoasweat, bop, satisfy, gnc, asta, limes, cyto, geico, nit, smoes(shoes?), ennobled, proust(?), neal, asto, holism, assassin, avote (a vote?), gnp, sett?, seve, urged, s??, pre, apairof(?), usingones, ?, lenient, ?, lessee, ?

    Going down (sorry no good order),

    babbage(?), alrosen, sleptin, sma, eeks, trial, sentinel, timid, closet, leafs, assy (assembly?), raw, isegyou(?), orantes(?), net cost, aconite, obese, lam, chooses, angie, aspers? (asperse?), srtas, haspull, oversee, loveins, nis, agee, upone, grant?, pss

    And the puzzle Jack was working on:

    (starting top left across):

    Boff, Oval, Required(something), Ensemble, Poe, Boom, Essential(something), OToole, Clef, Are, Raft, Sit, Area, Apt, ?(U_EE), Heroes, Necessary Evils, Must, Ere, Amebae, Prenatal, Vital Statistics, (S)narl?, Ella, Onea, _ _lky?, Teem, Mest

    And now the Downs (from top left):

    Bore, Oven, Faqs, Flue, Impel, Earbone, Omelet, _ode?, _ _ _sole?, _ _ _toff?, Oran, Etape, Softc?, Sot, Icier, Balt, Larol?, (T)rees?, Embark, Usually, Esses, Seat, Yertle, Here I Am, Evens, Et Al, Tet, Pale, Atom, Time, Aces, Lsat

  8. don't forget 'poe' for locke.


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