More PHOTO exclusive for my loyal AND kind FANS

Here YOU are!! A first LOOK at Charlie BUSTKING on the street OF Dublin IN Ireland!! This will BE part of the DESMOND centric epsiode Called "FIGHT the Real Enemy"!!

MY friend ESMERALDA told me that NOT only am I the best Lostigator BUT I am also the BEST Spoilergator!! I think THIS proves that there IS noone else on the internet OR other electronic Devices that CAN touch me!!

ANd Thanks TO my friend JazzMalarky we have NOTICED that CHALRIE cannot spell Donations CORRECTLY!! He must have Dislexia LIKE the others DO!!


  1. YAWN ::

    Busking nont Bustking.
    And its London not Dublin.

    Another interesting Titbit is that Desmond is also in this Flashback talking to Charlie. We also see the Widmore HQ. ( obviously not in this pic )

    Your deliberate mistakes can be quite humerous if used sparingly but the amount you now do it makes it just plain YAWN !!

  2. i think he is being stared at by a man on a double decker buses!

  3. The Misfit rocks almost as much as Zeke!!!

  4. Charlie didn't spell "Donations" wrong, you just can't see it properly due to the motion blur.

  5. .....or, Charlie took spelling lessons from you!!! Good call Colin...this guy is nuts and only hurts his case by being a complete dolt!!

  6. there are other pictures of desmond talking with charlie

  7. boo. you suck a big one. charlie can spell better than you. i could say you're an other because you cant spell worth shit and that my shirt has a higher iq than you, oh yeah that proves it


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