The WEEKLY look backwards 6 MONTHS ago!!

HELLO lositgator fans!! Yes IT is that time of THE week that you ALL look forward to!!

This WEEK we look BACK at in MY opinion are 2 OF the most important FACTOIDS adn by LOOKING at your comments ON these DISCOVERIES the 2 GREATEST of mankind!!

I think THE 1000's OF new visitors WILL be outstanded AS to how long I have been TOP of the field IN lost Facts and SPECTACULAR revelations!!

Kate is working FOR dharma!!

Are the DEGROOTS really aerobics instructors!!

Henry gale HAS a dharma LOGO on his HEAD!!


  1. Dear Misfit could you please give some spoilers?? Maybe the episode titels for 3x7-15 cause you are always rigth!!

  2. all blaitant lies. go grow a pair and find yourself a nice transie to touch so you'll be doing something more productive with your life

  3. scroll down until you see the meaning of Dharma logo


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