Finally a complete SURVIVORS connection chart!! - UPDATED!!

UPDATED: FEB 2007!! Yes IN celebration OF the New EPISODE Not in portsmouth that WILL be coming ON soon I have UPDATED my WORLD Famous Connection CHART for all you wonderful PEOPLE of Earth!!

You asked FOR it so I have DELIVERED!! This is MY latest (and in MY opinion) BEST chart to date THAT shows how EVERYONE is conncted!! I hope there are NO mistakes!! LEAVE me a comment if there ARE any omissions (99.874% UNLIKELY) or if you NEED some explanations!!

CLICK on it to make IT ZOOM rapidly both Horizontolly AND Vertically together!!

ALSO Note that THE red lines are SPOILER lines so do NOT look at those ones!!


  1. at FIRST eye thought you stole THIS from someONE else but then eye noticed ThEmIsPeLlInGs and realized it COULD only be from the MIND of the great LOSTallIGATOR!!! KEEP up the good WROK!!!

  2. RAGE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!

  3. sun is vincents old owner and rose is henry gales brother!
    I spit coffee all over my computer when I read that, thanks crotchy!

  4. I noticed some omissions. you forgot to mention the link between Sayid and Bin Laden and Widmore. and what about Rose is Walt s aunt and Eko is his uncle?

  5. Desmond and charlie met whilst Busking? what is busking?

    I want you to have my baby.

    By the way, I'm 6-2 250 lb dude, so it might hurt a little at first.

  6. busking is singing on the streets for money.

    And their are other survivors that will be showing up soon

  7. hey Misfit..i have a question about Desmond s picture who s driving me nuts.

    I watched again S02 E03: (Jack looks at penny's picture while Desmond is running away) and the picture is exactly the same than in S02 E24

    i got a screenshot from Episode 3

    So, did i watch a newer episode which was corrected or the picture you showed was in another part of the episode???

  8. what THE hell is WRONG with you!

    where IS the connection WITH mr FIENDLY in jacks HOSPITAL and OtHERS in mirrors!

    allso! were is WOLT

  9. Hi Anonymous.

    Are you watching it on DVD? It's just that they corrected the image and inserted the actress who was in episode 24 back onto the episode 3 photo once she was cast.

    If you have the downloaded .avi's or something similar, you will obviously still have the other Penny Actress in the photo.

    Hope this sorts it out.

  10. mrlerone thanks a lot for ur reply.
    one mystery less left!

    btw, about connections..misfit didn t reply to my i ask you people too..

    did you guys notice that the GERONIMO JACKSON (a band mentioned several time in different episodes) actually seem to be Sawyer,Claire, Michael, and probably Locke(with a wig)??

    Besides the landscape looks pretty much like the island, and the boxes remeber the crates they picked up just after the crash..

    I personally can t believe the writers used similar actors/ landscapes by coincidence..

    here s a picture link

    i hope some of you guys to be good with those softwares to work on focusing pixel and show us a better quality picture..

  11. You're kidding, right?

    Desmond didn't meet Kelvin in Iraq, that was Sayid. Ben is Aaron's gfather? Where's that proof? Paolo is Penny's brother and was in the ice station? Des would know her brother and he wasn't in the ice station.

    LOL Nice try but no cigar.

  12. i like the connection that everyone has with HANNAH??? im sorry i didnt know there was a hannah on the show i must have missed that episode


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