Radzinky also DREW an outdoors MURIAL!!

Even THOUGH we have less THAN a week BEFORE episode 7 airs on TV I am STILL finding major clues TO the crazy LOST island!! I have REVIEWED every FRAME from EVERY episode and as YOU know I have found major CLUES and True FACTOIDS!! This TIME I decided TO watch Every frame BUT this time BACKWARDS!! As a RESULT of this Spectacular IDEA I have uncovered another MURIAL as you CAN see from the image BELOW this writing of MINE!!

It appears THAT drug fuelled CHARLIE did not notice this When he walked PAST it in Exorcist PART 2 in Season 1!! The murial shows Desmond making a DRAWING of that Crazy Russian woman Danielle Rousout and HER rifle can be clearly see in her HAND!!

This must be what Sir Water Rarleigh FELT like when HE discovered China AND Hawaii in his BOAT made oF wood, ALTHOUGH I suspect this discovery is Slightly MORE impotent!!


  1. Come back to IMDb! Immediately!



  2. Nice work! I didn't see that one.
    And you added me on facebook yay.

  3. You really are a Grade A loser. Get a job and get a life, theres a big, wide world out there, I've seen your picture and yes you're a four eyed goof ball but theres hope for everyone. Quit being such a reclusive geek.

  4. what a catch!!
    This site just goes from strength to strength!!!
    keep up the good work!

  5. Get me pregnant misfit.

    Love ya


  6. Impotent! Just had to laugh. Great find, as usual. Can't wait for the next episode!

  7. anonymous, you're a grade A douche bag. great FIND fIsTmIt, i'm 104.375% sure is HAS nothing two do with wate or BACTERIA growing on the ROX. keep up the good WORK.

  8. I bet THAT desmonds has some explaining to to!!!

    i heard that ALEX was very NAUGHTY!!!!

    also JACK and SUN are NAUGHTY and make the SUN baby in the next JACK FLASHBACK!

  9. no no no.. dark, i thought you were gonna work on getting a life. you cant go on like this buddy, it is just pathetic. as anonymous said, there's still hope.

  10. wow misfit glad to see you back and posting - i look forward to your research for the new episodes.

    and to all the haters - just piss off and get a life.

  11. hey, JJ abrams has state that the hole meaning of lost is shown in the first 10seconds of the pilot... why dont you work on that?

  12. Just to say not quite sure where the dude is going with this
    rather funny

    but this will be my last post on this site
    keep on being a wanker their Misfit Dude

    but My job with the legal department of ABC has ask me to no longer post here so this is my last post on lost here

    I will keep my blog up but I will not be able to post anything on LOST in it
    I want to keep my job

    its been real dude

  13. salt deposit, nit wit.

  14. You truly are one big wanker MISFIT!

  15. this guy is a lier look why diid he write

    We MET a new character called Hooper!!
    - HE is a Policman FROM Los Angles and I suspect an OTHER
    - The BUS crash is FROM a spoiler I revealed WEEKS ago and it was NICE to see it again!!
    - HOOPER wakes up at 6:18 EVERY day!! (Notice the 18 from the NUMBERS again!!)
    - There SOMEONE called Rita who I think is ONE of the crash SURVIVORS that we not seen YET!!
    - Hooper KILLS someone called GAZZA and I suspect he was AN Other!!
    - I recognised Alex Baldman in this EPISODE as someone CALLED Chad!! I think HE may well be the man with he ONE eye inthe Patch Station!!
    - CHAD does not like HIS old friend Hooper!!
    - I think MY download was A little CORRUPTED (maybe 12.85%) AS poor Hooper SEEMED to repeat the same EVENT!!
    - I must admit that I don't THINK ABC did a good JOB with the title of this EPISODE as there WAS nothing about Portsmouth or ANY other english Sea TOWN in it!!
    - There is a SHADOWY man with needles!! I think HE is injecting the sickness!!
    - There WAS quite a LOT of action for a LOST episode BUT i was a little FRUSTATED that they did not go BACK and Show what Happened to Kate, SAWYER and Pickedit!!
    - LIKE the Hooper I was ALSO having a LOT of DayJar Voo moments WHEN watching!!
    - Those CRAZY numbers appeared after 13.84 MINS!! I knew that Cartoon Cuse and Damien Lindorf COULD not resist putting those IN again FOR me!!
    - The OTHERS have big versions OF the TRUCK that was found in the POLAR Bear Station!!

    I have TO say that after WATCHing this EPISODE that I'm not sure I like the DIRECTION the show is going AND I hope next week WE get back on the ISLAND and MEET up with Benny and HIS Kidney tRANSPLANT operation as well AS the TWO New Italians Pauly and Micky!!

    I will BE taking some SCREENCAPs of any INTERESTING finds SOON!!

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