The WEEKLY look backwards 6 MONTHS ago!!

HELLO lositgator fans!! Yes IT is that time of THE week that you ALL look forward to!!

This WEEKS look back we UNCOVER the EXACT time that the plane crashed THANKS to my 30/30 Vision and SUPERIOR Brain CELLS!! And AFTER this is one of MY most important FINDS and was the FIRST time I found GHOSTS in Lost!! I think YOU will all have TO agree that THESE are truely IMPRESSIVE and astonishing and ABITIOUS Findings!!

CLICK on the Analoge Photos TO digitially EXPAND them!!

I know EXACTLY when the plane crashed!! 7:43 and 20 SECONDS!!

There ARE ghosts on the show!! MY biggest find EVER!!!!


  1. This is a fake ... maybe photoshoped ... maybe a poor picture from behind the scenes ... there's no such picture like this in LOST ... if it's not so yell me the exact time and episode where this picture is shown ... I think nobody can tell me!

  2. I find it to be the most realistic, accurate picture I have ever viewed.
    It's Russeau and...sombody, right?

  3. i just went through that cut scene for scene on hd... that frame is not in the episode. maybe you got it from an alternate cut, or an on the scenes clip. i'd like that guy to be there, but he is not.

  4. i did read on lostpedia that this scene does have a hand, of the horse trainer, that sticks in the right, but it was removed for the dvd release... the shape and lighting of that pic are wrong to the scene we see in the spisode though, although if you found it from the original tv broadcast rip, maybe it really was there.. but i doubt it ;)


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