Dharma LOGO on the LAMP

As the GREATEST losigator in the MILKY way and EARTH it is ONLY right THAT every now AND again I prove my self TO my hoards of LOYAL and giggly FANS!!

Here I am THE first person ON the machine they call THE Internet TO find this CLUE!!

The EVIL others knew about Juliets SISTER because they were watching HERE the the DHARMA Device installed near her bed!!

I am SURPRISED that Julient DID not notice as it is not THE most stealthy OF devices!!

AT first I thought it was the LOGO for the Flame STATION but it is FOR a new Station called the RADIO Station!!

No need to THANK me!!


  1. You idiot!! that's a Yin and Yang symbol its a very old one
    it means balance

  2. That's a cheeky joke, right? Yin yang is common and often in an octogon shape. I think it's just the show toying with you. Take a nap.

  3. Eh, you're reaching

  4. well it's obvious that this site has lost it... nobody posts here anymore, you should stop misfit.

  5. You posted here you fool

    I love most of your discoveries, but this was just stupid.

  6. good find!
    tho I think its the producers toying with our minds!

  7. misfit is a real lunatic man he screw up the blog

  8. this USED to be decent,

    its all bull shit now...

    are you trying to be funny??

    is that actauly u in the photo??

    funny man...

  9. Please give this shit up!!! At first when people werent really sure what too look for you made some good points but now people know what too look they dont need your help which is always BULLSHIT anyway as I have re-watched episodes with things you have said mind & guess what...you were wrong!!!


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