Flashes Behind your EARS!! - MY Review!!

Hello MY loyal AND devoted LOSTIGATOR fans!! I have ALSO found Out some MAJOR clues which I WILL upload ELECTRONIC images to the INTERNET device later ON for you all TO witness!! There IS a shocking DISCOVERY that will AMAZE you all!!

Here IS my REVIEW of "Flashes Behind your Ears"!! I have TO say it was THE Saddest EPISODE I have seen of LOST!! I am LOOKING forward to next weeks EPisode "Strang Person In a stranger LAND" which is A jack Flashback WITH Lai Bling in IT!!

- Desmond HAS very good HEARING as he HEARD claire Drown!!

- Crazy IRISH desmond Is a SHOPLIFTER as he never paid for the RING!!

- Desmond is NOT very good at PAINTING as he KEEPS spilling it on the FLOOR!!

- Pennys DRUNK father CHARLES Widload drinks a LOT of Expensive rum!!

- Claire is VERY forgetful as she FORGET she cannot SWIM!!

- Desmond IS not a good DRINKER!!

- The RING Shopkeeper is NOT a very good salesperson!!

- Buildings IN LOndon fall down A lot!!

- DESMOND lost the RING in the sea!!

- Charlie IS not a GOOD singer!!

- Desmond IS not VERY good at remembering FOOTBALL matches!!

- The Magic CRICKET Bat hit DESMOND back onto the ISLAND!!


  1. He is Scottish you fool! Also, the ring went in to the river Thames, not the sea, you moron!

  2. "Flashes Behind your Hears" lol

  3. I love how most people on this site have no concept of comedy, parody or satire. ThEmIsFiT should be awarded for his beautiful mind with a selection of cakes and a fancy hat.

    To the hat-shop!!

  4. wow this is totally ridiculous


  5. He's Scottish dumbass! Scottish and Irish accents sounds completely different! That's like saying someone from New York sounds just like someone from Texas! Also, he didn't hear Claire drowning, that was just an excuse so that he didn't have to tell Charlie that he was going to die.

  6. this is WAY the worst review i've ever read on my life. yo suck so badly misfit.


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