The MISFIT dares to ASK!! - Did the OTHERS plant a bomb IN the Doctors HOUSE!!

Hello FANS of me!! It is TIME for another Installment of "The MISFIT dares to ASK!!"!!

With MY Latest TOOL the night vision GOGGLES I am find more and MORE hidden clues about LOST and the sneakY others!!

Here I have FOUND that the the OTHERS placed a BOMB or Listening device into a BAG that was concealed!!

In the FIRST photo we can SEE the EMPTY table BUT as soon as the LAZY doctor turns around to GO get Echo a cup OF tea or COFFFEE or maybe ribena, THE sneaky AND obvious others PLACE the Listening DEVICE/bomb onto the TABLE!!. This WAS only made possible BY using MY brain and my SKILLS and my Googles!!

I ran MY very NEW Bomb Recognition BETA software ON the both PHOTOS and it came BACK with a reading OF 68.489% which IS a little LOW but still more than the 12.341% I got when I ran IT on FACE recognition software AND 9.002% when RUN on the Bottom RECOGNITION software!!

I think THIS find now places ME at 98.441% TO having completly SOLVED lost!!


  1. I'm not even going to go their this was just an error on the set prop part


    good JOB!

  3. hey misift nice catch but im sorry to disapprove on part of that. it wasnt the others it was the sneaky brady brunch. thats why carl didnt know what it was.


  4. this aint a freeking lost website who ever belives this stuff has to be a retart

  5. Nice nice...

    Do you have seen that the friendly sceleton had moved his head?!

    ...and now, it´s your turn!! :)

  6. Misfit, you should have a PAYPAL donations link on your site as all this new equipment must be costing alot of money.

  7. Skeptics - stop kidding yourselves about errors made by a birdbrained prop department. That BOMB/Listening DEVICE was calculatingly put there by the astucious Lost creative team and only Misfit has the aptitude to spot something like this & decipher its meaning!

    And to the huffy, unilluminated Anonymouse above who wrote that this website IS NOT a "freeking Lost website" I suggest to you (for your own enlightenment :-) to check out LOSTPEDIA before making anymore insensitive declarations as that one was.

  8. yeah CHECK out LOSTPEDIA you MORONS

    jennifer is IN DA HAUS!

  9. my friend....

    listen to what im gonna say..

    i think that u really like lost

    i think that mabey "like " is really not the right word

    you love lost lots

    so do i

    and sonetimes you really do find things b4 anyone else even thinks of it..


    if you ckeck both pics ,
    you ll see that

    his shoulder has moved over 2 notches

    thats why u see what u see

  10. there is not others plotting in his picture, just a error. Like always.

  11. Just what kinda crazy-ass loser are you? is this all you do in life? are you that big a failure? wow

  12. ive been lookin at this site a couple of years now and it always makes me laugh when Misfit makes posts, well most of the time anyway...and watchin people go crazy at him makes me laugh more as its obvious they cant take a joke

    If you dont like it then dont come that simple enough? Morons.

  13. Anonymous said...
    "Just what kinda crazy-ass loser are you? is this all you do in life? are you that big a failure? wow "

    And what kind of crazy-ass loser are you? Trolling Lost websites & being snotty & mean spirited. Is that all you do in life?


  14. I would REALLY just like to let it be know that there is a GIRL on the TV show WHITE RAPPERS named Misfit! IM CRACKING UP!!!


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