Another PUZZLE solved!! Why the FILM was hidden BEHIND the chess!!

Ys I have DONE it again buy solving ANOTHER portion of LOST which I am sure will make Carton Curse and Damien Limeoff SHAKE their FISTS at my website AS I unravel their WELL crafted mysteries!!

THE only valid reason for HIDING the communications functions behind the chess GAME was if you assume THAT the hostiles either do not know how TO play chess, or are unable to play CHESS!!

It would MAKE sense for the chess game to be SET to a low difficulty SETTING so that a PLAYER (Locke) could EASILY defeat it and ACCESS the diagnostics functions IF HE needed to, but STILL at a high enough difficulty LEVEL that a person who did NOT know how to play CHESS could NOT trivially WIN by trial and ERROR!!

This makes me WONDER IF!!

  • THE others/hostiles do not KNOW how to play chess because they PREDATE the invention of chess, or have BEEN isolated from the outside world SINCE the invention of CHESS (i.e. they ARE the descendents of the ORIGINAL Islanders, or are the ACTUAL original Islanders themselves).

  • THE others are unable to PALY chess because their minds are incapable of the SORT of reasoning necessary (i.e. they are ALIENS, ghosts, machines, or OTHER forms of non-HUMAN intelligence that doesn't do PROBLEM solving like we do)!!


  1. You're getting boring man. You were a lot less boring back when you weren't making it so obvious that this is a joke.

  2. You don't understand the IMPORTANCE of this BLOG WHICH is the best of the WORLD

  3. blaaaaaaagggggrrrrrrrrrrr you CAN not chess

  4. Poppycock Misfit, now you're just pulling random theories out of the ether. Ghosts, aliens? My word man, what are you thinking?

  5. WTF is that? I don;t recall seeing that in an episode of lost???????

    is it from a future episode?

  6. If you pause right after Locke has won and lock at the board you will see that the computer can block the check and would not be over. HE DIDN'T WIN THE GAME yet.

  7. hey JASONX, do YOURself a favor AND get a TELEvision that IS consistent with the CENTURY you're living IN!!!

  8. Misfit this is the first post out of about 500 that I actually think you may be onto something.

  9. Ya he's into the grass again

  10. THE others/hostiles do not KNOW how to play chess because they PREDATE the invention of chess, or have BEEN isolated from the outside world SINCE the invention of CHESS i think is perfect.
    goog one

  11. Youre funny!!
    You have absolutelly NO IDEA what you're saying so youre very funny!!
    HEuhEUheU (LOL)
    Well, looks like we're not watching the same show..
    Funny, funny kiddo...

  12. im can i jsut say this is obvious to a stupid person, ever thort that the camera that is watching Locke play it is then being watched the other end by 'the others' and that they made it so he did win......

  13. Misfit, have you seen the book Who Moved My Chess? I supsect that it was written by one of the grand cheese masters that are called Others!@!!! Ben has been playing an elaborate cheses game with the Lost Survivors all along!!!!

    This would explain the black and white symbolism from the beginning, along with Kate's black horse (that was the knight piece!!)

    (Of course, I might be wrong. I am not as great a lostigater as you are, but I would love to hear what you think about my ideas!!!)


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