Clones CLONES EVERYwhere!! Yet AGAIN the Lostigator STRIKES!!

People OF the ELECTRONIC world used to LAUGH and call me bad NAMES like fool and DIMWIT!! But now they WILL have to CALL me THE GREATEST LOSTIGATOR of all TIME and SOEMTIEMS Sir and Lord!!

Way BACK in 2002 I was the first EVER to predict THAT clones IS a major part OF Lost!! Well HERE we can PROOVE it!!

We already KNOW that Jack is a clone of JACOB now we can see that THE Others TOWN is just FULL Of clones as you CAN see from THESE photos from "poor aviation" that are COMPOSED of pixels!!

It must BE very confusing FOR people living there!! I WONDER if they plan on making a CLONE of ME!! I doubt IT as we WOULD solve LOST even quicker!!

I have TO thank my VERY good friend Tarquin FOR helping me with this!!


  1. no one will ever call you the great lostigator or sir or lord. The stuff you post on your blog is the worst stuff i have ever read in my life.

  2. mIsFiT, you are a genius. I have decided that you the incarnate Lord descended upon earth to help us unravel the mystery of Lost. I have quit my job and dedicated myself to sitting in a dark room watching every episode of Lost frame by frame in order to find the most miniscule of clues. Teach me, Oh Master, I am ready to learn.

  3. that could either be a mistake on the part of the crew and extras or you could be onto something here

  4. the writer have said it time and again their are no CLONES
    on lost
    and if you were as good as you think you are you would have read that in the LOST magazines or heard it on the podcast

  5. How dare you blaspheme the brilliance of The Master!!! If he says he says that there are clones, than the omniscient Misfit must be right and there are clones. You're lucky we don't burn heretics at the stake anymore.

  6. "PAR AVION" bordel de merde! You can at least admit that don't ya?

  7. Production Error not clones

  8. The Lostigator strikes again!

    Although maybe they won't be clones. Instead, they are probably TEMPORAL DUPLICATES. Let's see Daniel Lindman and Carson Coop weasel out of that revelation!!

  9. Notice the girl with red shirt (holding a broom) have a crab hand..This could be one of the early clones with defects.

  10. 1. misfit's disciple is totally misfit making a new screenname! lol! 2. Lost still didn't premiere until 2004 so how could you predict there were clones in 2002.
    3. you are way to conceided dude you need to cool down a little no one is as good as you advertise yourself. anyway.

  11. Yura Sophakin RE: Todd, EdSaturday, March 17, 2007 1:16:00 am

    If there were clones and we found out from the beginning, the show wouldn't be interesting would it? Maybe there are clones but charlton cluse and david hasselhoff didn't tell us the truth about it. PS, after that last show I think that Lost is just too darn weird. I think I will finally stop watching the show.....maybe.....not...sure....

  12. great FIND!!

    that definitely proofs that the mysterius JAKOP is indeed
    our old known SHEPHARD!!!!

    but how bout that??

    Just want to look for a nice place to operate all my LOSTigations
    when i found a strange holidaycamp where maybe the DHARMA people
    are hiding from the LOSTies and BERNHARD!!!

    Especially LOOK at the formation of the houses.
    they are placed EXACTLY like the Dharma octagon!!

    from the BEACH i think they LAUNCH their non-humaniod
    rocket-missiles and lift your ICE and look north because
    their even SEEMS to be a submarine in this picture!!!!!

  13. jin hater 5 (not the misfit)Saturday, March 17, 2007 1:50:00 pm

    sir LOSTigator! you are featured in a brand new video of ROOM 23!

    this deserves a TOPIC of its own!

  14. Oh great Lostigator Sir Lord, you have demonstrated yourself as a genius among mere men. Be careful. You may get taken away to an island because I'm almost certain you're on Jacob's list.

  15. EARTH









  16. When walt was being held and we saw the fake camp by the rocks, there was a clone of sawyer sitting down, he had black hair an goatie. if anyone has a pic put it up.

  17. Clones you say. Nailed that one didnt ya :D


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