Exposures!! - My Review!!

THis WAS my favourite episode OF all TIME!! It was SO good that I gave IT a World BREAKING 6.43 out of 10 my HIGHEST points YET and the highest that ANY Human has every AWARDED a tv show!!

Here IS my MY REview of Exposures!!

- Well WE finally FOUND out that the OTHERS use the VENOM of the spiders on their DARTS!!
- I felt sorry FOR nikki that her Husband MR Suckerman HAD a heart ATTCK before he could ask her TO marry him!!
- Did ANYONE notice that Nikki AND Suckermands chef looked like PAULY on the Island!!
- I was A bit CONFUSED when a SOME womangot killed at the BEGINING when she tried to steal SOME money after DANCING!! I think THIS may have BEEN a commercial THAT was NOT edited out!!
- I have TO admit that EVEN the GREAT did NOT predict YET another PLANE crash on the ISLAND!!
- It WAS good that WE finally found OUT that it WAS Boon who was GAY!!
- There WERE something GOOD eastern EGGS for me to INVESTIGATE!! I will POST more later BUT I think I saw someone WHO looked like Shannon when the 2nd PLANE crashed!!
- Paulo CAN hold his breath for A long TIME!! I suspect the ISLANDS healing power helps HIM Breath LIKE Patrick Duffy FROM the MAN From Atlanta!!
- I thought BILLY dean Williams was GOING to be in this EPISODE!! I guess EVEN the great LOSTIGATOR is wrong someTHIMES!!
- Pauly FOR some reason KEPT trying to burying the Japenese DOLL thing!! He tried in the SAND but lock caught HIM and then HE tried to FLUSH it down the toilet and BENNY found him!!
- It LOOKS like my CLONES theory is nOW 99.3% accurate AS the OTHERS have made another Ethan!!
- Juliet THINKS Jack is CUTE!! But BEN wants him to PERFORM some more surgury on HIM!! I think THEY are going to TAKE Kate, SAWYER again!!
- Vincent is A bad dog!! He should not DISTURB the dead!!
- I wonder IF Sawyer WILL notice that HE dropped the DIAMONDS in the grave!!
- It was NICE to see the SMOKE monster take on a SMALLER lifeform as a SPIDER this week!! I'm hopeing that SOON he will return AS a Koala BEAR as I think they are WONDERFUL creatures!!
- Sawyer like TO read a LOT of BOOKS he HAS now read 4 BOOKS int he space of 2 DAYS!!
- It appears THAT doc Arts did NOT in fact explode with DYNAMITE but was thrown clear of the BLAST and HAS been COllecting glass JARS!!
- I was OUTRAGED and giggly WHEN Sun HIT Sawyer for not Digging another GRAVE!!

I will POST some Massive FINDS of Facts later on WHEN I have recovered from THE THRILL of last nights EPISODE AND had some Ribena and DISCUSSED the show with TONY and Geraldine!! Look out FOR my now WORLD famous Eastern EGGGS!!

I am Also LOOKING forward to next WEEKS episodes called "Right BEHIND you" in which WE have another JACK flashback to HIS time being BRAINWASHED by the others and HIS learning to play THE piano!!


  1. Ribena - YUM!!
    Who's Geraldine? are u cheating on Tony?

  2. i thought the episode sucked .. just like your reviews

  3. Billie D. Williams was on the show. He was the one who shot the girl in what you so stupidly thought was a "commercial".

  4. Your reviews are getting better from episode to episode... xD

  5. "I felt sorry FOR nikki that her Husband MR Suckerman HAD a heart ATTCK before he could ask her TO marry him!!"


    Awesome review, Misfit!

  6. thier are NO CLONES
    get that threw your silly little queen head
    gee you give the rest of us Queens a bad name

  7. t'es vraiment la derniere des merdes

  8. jesus christ misfit, give it a rest.
    You're a fucking dumbass. Its quite sad in the fact that this is probably the only attention you ever get.

  9. You're right, 6.43 out of 10 is the highest rating any human has ever given a TV show. BUT in a recent taste test 4 out of 5 chimpanzees preferred this episode over any episode of "American Idol"

  10. I hated this episode! But yes, he's right, much much better than american idol! As much as this show sucks it's still numero uno on t.v.

  11. I think your right about the clones, and thanks for the accurate reviews!

  12. I think I found a black hole!! It's between your ears.

  13. For not digging another grave? Did you understand what sun was talking about?

  14. How stupid can a humam being get???Sunday, April 01, 2007 10:31:00 am

    Uau...just recently found this lost blog...and let me tell you but this is by far the most stupid article about lost i have ever read...uau really,this blog is full of pearls,most of the content is pure garbage but this particular article is really unbeliavble,you ate either kidding with us or you really got some issues in your head that you need to sort out misfit...uau

  15. The true morons are you idiots that don't realize this site is all a joke. Makes me realize how stupid some people really are. Damn.

  16. best blog ever in world :)
    dumbass is everybody who dont understand this fun :)

  17. Misfit i have a question 4 you i also want to know why when Nikki locke and paulo went into the pearl he went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet but never went- is he constipated-maybe there is something wrong with the food supply-

    your buddy Brian

  18. Hahaha i RoFFled at your Vincent is A bad dog!! comment.

    A friend just told me about this site 5 minutes ago but I am already your biggest fan!!


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