I have A new best FIEND!! WOLT!!

After WEEKS of debating who MY new best friend SHOULD be I decided it SHOULD be David Malcom Kellee OR as you MAY know him Wolt from LOST.

It TOOK several weeks TO track HIM down and befriend HIM but now we HAVE a Book face web PAGE of electonics together!!

We are SUCH good friends NOW that I sent him a PENGUIN!! he told ME that he is IN Hawaii FILMING some season 4 ACTION shots!!


  1. so HE must HAVE escaped the island!

  2. not gonna say who I am but I know for one thing that the Mistfit is prejudice toward Jewish I am on MySpace I was on his friend list for about 2 days than it was like he found out I was Jewish and that was it
    so to be his friend you got to have money or be someone in show biz
    Post this if you not

  3. Looks to me like "the hammer" is as looney tunes as Locke is getting to be.

  4. it says michael is in hawaii for pleasure, so shut up, you have the worst lost site on the web and a terrible sense of humour.

  5. season four hasnt begun filming yet, havnt you heard that they write episodes a week before filming, and they film three days before air date


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