The MISFIT dares to ASK!! - Did DANNIELLE capture her own HUSBAND!!

Hello FANS of lost and TV shows!! It is TIME for anyother INSTALLMENT of The MISFIT dares to ASK!! Here IS my brave QUESTION that others fear to ASK!!

If Alex is CRAZY German Danielle's daughter AND Benny is Alex's father, that WOULD then lead us to believe that Russeau and BENNY are husband and WIFE!! So why is it THAT Rousseau captures Benny AND nothing is said ABOUT their connection!! DOES Rousseau know she's captured her HUSBAND!! is he dead to HER, or what!! And how did she capture HIM!! I believe Ben said it WAS a setup as far as his PART!! But it raises all KINDS of questions!! Was some deal made BETWEEN Benny and Rousseau!! Is Rousseau's story ABOUT scientists and her husband TRUE!!


  1. First of all - if you had a kid and she didn't know who her parents were would you say to her ones dead the others a loony and im a srtanger - no you'd say - im your father alex - im called ben.

    So good question but not really getting me to think!

  2. she was kidnapped and he brought her up as his own

  3. By the way, Rousseau is French, not German.

  4. Congratulations YOU ArE a PhUcKHaT


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