The MISFIT dares to ASK - Unanswered STUFF on Exposures!!

Hello PEOPLE who have USED electronics TO acces me!! WELCOME ONCE more to the now REVERED coloumn OF mine "The MISFIT dares to ASK"!!

This WEEKS Episode Exposures WAS FILLED with questions THAT even I the great LOSTIGATOR could NOT answer UPON my first 17 VIEWINGS!! SO I ask YOU my KIND Fans and relatives TO help me!!

let ME have you ANSWERS to any OF these question!!

Where did Arzt find his collection of peanut butter jars!! He DIED before they got INTO the Hatch!!

So, how did PaulY (and Ben and Juliet) get INTO the Pearl Station!! Shouldn't the drug plane have BEEN covering the only opening THAT we know about--which is THE only opening that Paul knew ABOUT!!

Could someone EXPLAIN to me why Pauloy was bitten and rendered UNABLE to move but able to speak for a good minute or TWO after his full-body paralysis, and Nikky is only ABLE to garble out one word directly after HER paralysis!! One would think she'd have as much SPEAKING time as Paolo was able to glean after the rest of their bodies were rendered useless, and yet SHE only got like 3 seconds!!

Shouldn't Jack's announcement in "Exodus" (that they were PLANNING to hide out in a HATCH) have SENT Paolo racing back to THE Pearl to retrieve his diamonds!!

Wasn't Eko in Australia TO investigate a "zombie"!!May BE she WAS bitten by THE spiders!!

Why DID they COVER them up with so MUCH soil into a massive MOUND!!

WHY did lazy DRUG riddled Charlie and the Others STOP helping HURLEY and Sawyer kill Pauly and NIKKI!!


  1. Good thinking Misfit, you are the most perspicacious sage among sages & these questions are most observant of you.

    I'll have a go....

    #1 - Arzt is a peanut-butteraholic & he was darn lucky to find his suitcase on the beach after the crash. That suitcase was just chock full of Peter Pan PB which he never shared with the other losties and especially Claire who had a PB fetish.

    #2 - Pauly went back to the Pearl hatch later after his argument w/Nikkotine. Ben & Juliet got there through the subway system. They had a long ride on track number nine coming all the way from the other side of the island.

    #3- Since Pauley loved bananas so much (remember when he went to pick them instead of helping Hurley w/the hippie van?) - he had more strength than Nikkotine did. Banannas are loaded with potassium which makes us strong. She didn't want to eat them because like every other young nubile on the beach, she was under contract to remain thin & keep her figure and bananas do have a lot of carbs. So she was weak & couldn't speak, the poor ting.

    #4 - Jack's announcement should have scared the begeezuss out of Pauly but more than likely he missed that announcement - he was off picking those dad-gum bananas again.

    #5 - Yes, that zombie was bitten by the spiders & thats what Paulie & Nikkotine will be when they start clawing their way out of their sand grave in the 2 hour finale when they will exact their revenge on Ben. It'll be (yet) another re-do of the The Night of The Living Dead horror film.

  2. oops I missed reading your last 2 savvy questions but the photo of Sawyer has me thinking that he looks remarkably like the Tin Man did when Dorothy Gale & the Scarecrow came upon him on their journey on the yellow brook road. (oyl can....oyl can...)

  3. Jennifer, you sound just like Misfit. Are you one and the same?

  4. #1 Remember claire like to feast on peanut butter. She had a stash with her in the plane. Artz find it and throw away the butter to keep the jar for his bug collection. Maybe vincent liked it up.

    #2 Locke had crashed the plane on bone. It was not over the hatch. Ben told Mr. Friendly to cover the hatch with the plane. He also know polo was in the hatch so he did not lock him in (close the hatch when they leave). He also Placing a Walkie Talkie so he could hear Polo and nikki making love at the beach.

    #3 Her weigth is less so the poison faster parralysed her tounge.

    #4 Polo think the old toilet hidding place is the best in the world.

    #5 She might, but misfish what you really want to ask is why she met ekos brother on a island when she was a zombie?

    #6 Maybe so the dog can't dig them up to fast. Vincent the dog is mindcontrolled and can try to dig them up to save them to next season. But for the timeline sake this can not happen to fast.Nikki hinted she could come back next season in the begining.

    #7 you have to explain more misfish

  5. she is a clone of the misfit

    just like most of the people that love him are.

  6. Hi Rich & Anonymouse,
    Noooooo, Misfit and I are two different people and I am not his clone & he is not my clone either. I live in the USA & he lives in Scotland. I suppose one could say we are kindred spirits (or so I'd like to think) because I GET where he's coming from. And so should everybody else who comes to his funderful blog. Sadly instead, some choose to be snotty & because they're sitting behind their boob toob computer monitors they feel big & brave to condemn him w/all sorts of nasty comments. They wouldn't be able to say those things in person to him as they're true weenies of the 3rd kind.

    Whats more, I wish I knew him personally because people need people like Misfit in their lives.

    So I advise everybody to get with the program here and laugh! :-)))

  7. wow im surprized a post by misfit that doesnt suck balls for once

  8. Nikki wasn't able to talk because she'd taken off jogging after being bitten. That sped up the rate at which the poison spread through her body. Paulo just laid down and waited, so it took longer.

  9. 1. Arzt was a sales representative for Skippy peanut butter in his spare time so he had a suitcase full of samples

    2. the smoke monster didn't have any people to beat up on so good old smokie decided to beat up on the plane instead and i guess that's how it moved

    3.when Nikky removed the spider from the peanut butter jar, she accidently got a big wad of leftover peanut butter on her hand. When Nikky went to lick the yummy peanut butter off her fingers it got stuck to the roof of her mouth rendering her unable to speak

    4. Let's face it Paolo isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, had Jack said we are going to the diamond station instead of the pearl station, i'm sure Paolo would've started sprinting toward it

    5. Maybe Eko was in Australia to investigate himself then and while there found his future wife. In next years episode, Zombies in Love, we get to see the love story

    6. you solved this one yourself MiSfIt, Sawyer wants Nikky and Paolo dead so he made sure they'd have to dig through a lot more extra soil if they want to survive

  10. #3- she also elevated her blood pressure by running around like crazy

  11. #6
    James & Hugo are just sitting by the mountain of sand taking a brake before they throw it in.
    those damn producers made us think they buried the happy couple but...

  12. Seriously, except from the last question those were great questions.


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