UNSOLVED Puzzles and Eastern Eggs FROM The Man who called a Hussy

HellO AGAIN people OF electronic COMPUTERS!! Here is MY list OF WORLDS GREATEST Eastern Eggs from last NIGHTS episode The Man who called a Hussy!! These EGGS are better than YOU CAn find at the Trailsection, DorkUFO, HUMPTYS and The FUSE IS Large put TOGETHER!!

EASTERN Egg NO.1!! - JIN!!
Being the BEST in the business OF lostigatign TAKES its toll BUT when YOU make a discovery AS important AS this YOU have to be ASTOUNDED!! Here we SEE Jin in the background ALSO making some SORT of claim for MONEY!!

Also WHY did no one say ANYthing when Locke just got UP and WALKED away!! If he was supposed to be disabled HE should have used a WHEELchair or got someone to CARRY him on their head or SHOULDERS!! I think THAT is why THEY Suspenders his BENEFITS!!

EASTERN Egg NO.2!! - Jack has an NEW tattooo!!
Again FIRST on the intenet TO spot THIS!! It looks LIKE a pair of SUNGLASSES but I think WHOever did the tattooo (probably Pickett!!) did a BAD job as there is blood on his arm!!

EASTERN Egg NO.3!! - Coopers WIFE is on the island!!
Despite MY face RECOGNITION software not working very WELL my hair recognition IS working BETTER than ever!! It MANAGED to determine to 96.494% that THE woman in the PHOTO is also the woman IN the OTHERS Football garden!!

EASTERN Egg NO.4!! - Did LOCKE kill Ricky!!
Everyone ASSUMES that Cooper kill Ricky but I think it WAS Locke!! He is BUYING a lot of CLEANIGN products and PROBABLY intends to flush the DEAD and unconsious body DOWN the toilet!!

EASTERN Egg NO.5!! - WHY is there a LARGE slug in the fridge!!
This is PROBABLY the biggest mystery TO hit lost in over 36.48 MONTHS!! Why is there A slug in the FRIDGE that ben owns!! Are they GROWING mutant slugs to HELP the hampsters POWER the island!!

Question!! - WHO is the WOMAN in the Photo!!
ONE thing that I tried to DO was to run my FACE recognition SOFTWARE ont he photo but I think THERE is a bug in it becuase IT said IT was SOMEONE called Tammy Raymonds WHO is not in the SHOW!! MY best guess UNTIL i fix my code IS that it is KATE as I predicted 2 YEARS ago!!


  1. asshole jack always got this tattoo since the season 1

  2. I think that slug is headed for the DHARMA beer ; )

  3. 1. Just because he's asian does'nt mean he's Jin.
    2. Jack had the tattoo before he got on the island I've seen it in other picrtures.
    3. Could be... maybe.
    4. I hope you're joking dude!
    5. It's fruit.
    ANSWER!! It could be but there's absolutely no proof that that is Kate. You're just randomly guessing which anybody could do.

  4. you r truly touched...

    tell me something where you dropped a few times when you where hatched??

  5. look at your comments of friday...


  6. Can your mole from ABC get pics of the giant gerbils that run the electric, or the secret underground layer? I'm sure we will see those in upcoming episodes. Also, do you think there is really a magic box that grants wishes?

  7. I can't believe how many of these idiots take you seriously!

  8. I do believe this is your best one yet misfit. What a puzzle! Thanks for the entertainment.

  9. The girl in the picture is Alex as a child. It isn't Kate. Ben has pictures of his daughter on the wall.

  10. LOL that was AWESOME!!!!!!

  11. the misfit had tom's man childSunday, March 25, 2007 7:51:00 pm

    Alex just keeps getting hotter and hotter!

  12. That's Alex you botard

  13. i m so disappointed by the lostigator..how couldn t you notice that jack always had that tattoo???

  14. Best site for facts about the show.

    Thanks for the great find and keep up the great lostgisticating.

  15. easter egg #3, thats the woman in the book club when we first see the others homes! Good find!

  16. easter egg no. 1 is probably the most racist thing ive heard in my life just because you see a Chinese guy doesnt meen its jin. thats like saying all blondes are martha stewart.

  17. 1. Not every asian man is Jin. Jin has never been to America anyway.
    2.Tatoo was there before. It's clearly visible in White Rabit at the least. Not new.
    3.If Cooper's there there's a realy realy small chance she's there, too. But it doesn't make sense, he never, ever maried her. He fled after pushing John out of the window.
    4."DEAD and unconsious" Priceless.
    5. Not a slug, that's a bunch of pickles and two onions.
    6. Obviously that's a pic of Alex when she was younger. Ben raised her, she's his adopted daughter, how hard can it be to figure that out. She looks exactly like the girl in the pic.

  18. gregor, you're a complete fucking moron. Seriously, how stupid can someone be?


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