April-22 MY Review!!

Hello PEOPLE of LOST Fans!!

Here ARE is MY review of April-22 and A LOok at SOME questions and Eastern EGGs!!

Eastern EGG 1!!
I think THAT I will be remembered for being the ONLY one to spot this!! It was A shame THAT the woman PLAYING Penny has BEEN changed!! I don't THINK the new Penny LOOKS much like the OLD one!!

QUESTION 1!! - WHY did they use a HANG Glider!!
I think THAT the new PENNY is not very GOOD at Handgliding AND what are the CHANCES of her handgliding over THE exact same ISLAND that desmond is ON!!

Question 2!! - WHO Taught Hurley Taiwanese!!
MAYBE I missed a FRAME from an OLD episode BUT it appears that HURLEY can now UNDerstand Japenese AS he he UNDERSTOOD Crazy chinese JINS Storey ABOUT flashlights!!

HOW did Charlie RECOVER so quickly FROM his arrow THROUGH the neck at the START!! ANd WHY oh WHY did he walk ON the same TRIP wire AGAIN!!

Eestern EGG 4!! - MRS Squawking was MARRIED to THE Priest!!
I bet NO one ELSE found THIS!!

Question 4 - WHy DID penny not RECOGNISE Desmond when HE was a MONK!!
I would HAVE thought AFTER all they have BEEN through she would have RECOGNISE him!!

QUESTION 3 - WHY did THE priest HIT Desmond!!
Was IT because SOMETHING was wrong with HIS labelling of the WINE!!

QUESTION 5 - Why DIDNT JAck Remember the PONG Ping Table!!
Is IT becuase THIS Is the CLONE Jack called JACOB!!

Question 6!! - Why DID KATE attack Sawyer in HIS tent!!

Was this REVENGE for Him not knocking ON her TENT!!


  1. Please tell me these are all just really really bad jokes :|
    Cause if you are serious, i think lost is way too complicated for you.

  2. i also found the picture and we can see it in best quality
    t vraiment une grosse merde la photo est bien mise en valeur

  3. eye don't NOT no what eye WOOD due without your ASTUTE observations SIR!!!

    keep up THE GOD wrok???

  4. your lame as poo
    and I dont even think you watch lost at all cause you missed what was going on

  5. your[laugh]

    You're spelling is lame as poop

  6. dont you just wish some people would realise that he is just having a laugh. some of the stuff he points out is good though, like the cancer chart with Male instead of female etc.

  7. Great and Funny !

    I would like to suspect that Jack (the Pretty Good Shepard) has something up his sleeve but, alas, Jack the Gipper has no sleeves !

    Everybody crashes onto the Mysterious Island. If the Coast Guard ever drags the water there, the amount of flying things found would rival the Smithsonian.

    People stand in line to attack Desmond. (the batter at the pub, Charlie, the Brutha Monk etc.)
    Small wonder he gets Flashes Before His Eyes. He's concussed !

    What about Naomi ?

  8. You are very funny! That's not Charlie's arm in the Croc's mouth. That is some vet at a zoo whose arm was bitten off and the finally gotten it back and re attached it. You are a hoot.........

  9. i think the SCARYest part in THIS episode was when FRECKLEs attacked JAMES!! i THOUGHT she was gonna KILL him for walking in on her changing EARLIEr!! lucky for US she didnt lol!!

  10. Dear Misfit,
    your theories concerning the chronology are intriguing. It implies that everyone - not only Desmond! - has pre-memories.
    Which leads me to antoher puzzle that maybe you can help to clear. It is suggested that the whole Island only appeared in the mind of Hurley, which is no problem, as he is still there, although he no longer brings bad luck. But it is also suggested that everything that happened was controlled by Walt's mind, including the polar bears and sunburned pinguins. So why did the Island not collapse after Walt left?
    And Locke is of course interesting for Ben, but for the same reason Grace would be important, and the more Walt (again) especially as he kept winning at Backgammon. Ben made a serious mistake when he let Walt go.
    Ah well, what am I saying, I'm quite sure that the people that breathe will remove my thoughts, as I'm way too close. All thanks to you Misfit!
    Thanks, and keep asking where others would not dare.

  11. "Eestern EGG 4!! - MRS Squawking was MARRIED to THE Priest!!
    I bet NO one ELSE found THIS!!"




    Including people they arent wathcing lost... they saw that picture!!!! It was a easy one!!

    You're crazy man... but U Rock!

  12. Idiot. If you watched the show you'd realize that it wasn't one of the priest that hit Desmond, but Penny's brother who was mad at him for not marrying her.

    It is interesting that the blood on Desmond's nose looks a bit like the tatoo that the Others put on Juliet, though.

  13. Charlie in that pic looks like he just swallowed the huge eastern egg from last week

  14. MissFeet, why are you moderating the comment section? Half of the fun was to read all the stupid messages by all the morons who try to point out your mistakes.

  15. XD Good stuff here. It's all true! :P

  16. Don't you do anything else in your life. I mean I'm ok with blogging but you're not even serious. What's the point?

  17. ME he only puts on comments that doesnt show him up I have put things on way before he did only and put them here for him to check out
    but did he post them no
    hes to full of Poo do so

  18. @ the ANonymous poster from Friday, April 20, 2007 12:44:00 AM.
    You said the misfit doesn't even watch the show because he says the priest hit him.
    1. HE's JOKING!
    2. then you say it's Penny's brother!!! Well then that would make you as dumb as him wouldn't it! It's Ruth's brother that hits Desmond.

  19. Anonymous said..."Don't you do anything else in your life. I mean I'm ok with blogging but you're not even serious. What's the point?"

    OMG I can't believe how thick some people are who come here. This is A SPOOF ("spoof" -- look up the word in the dictionary) A spoof of a TV show. Its not supposed to be serious!!!!!!!

    aaarrrghhh aaaaarggggh arrrrrghh aarrrghh arrrrrrrrrrrrghh!!!!!!!!!!

  20. GREETINGS twinny i WORSHIP da ground you walk on all your ideas are SO SMART i try to copy dem in my blog by THINKING of new craetive easter EGGS but it nver works!! PLEASE give me some TIPS!

  21. You are just so retarted. Yep but sure Charlie healed from an arrow to the throat. Your just not a true lost fan I meen you havn't even noticed desmonds power u retard. oh and btw kate wasn't attacking sawyer, she was making out with him, something which will never happen to u u ugly retarted nerd piece of camel shit!

  22. Actually, it seems to be a spoof of the LOST online community. You know, the community that is god damned stupid-- yet ignorant to the fact they might as well consider themselves retarded.

    Dumb speculation/'theories' from nerd fans who take themselves seriously.

    This parody is perfect.

  23. omg you are SUCH a loser!

    Everything you say is NOT true, its wierd how some people actually believe you.

    GET A LIFE!!

  24. I am working for ABC and can definately say that you are WRONG misfit. Wrong! Wrong!

  25. The funniest one was where you blew up the picture so big it was only pixels and unrecognizable. I thought it was funnier with the cigarette. It is already old using the Island healed something or someone when it was just a flashback (Charlie, the submarine, etc.) so try and come up with new jokes about the hardcore LOST fans.

  26. loool :) excellent misfit! i always have a good time reading your preview

  27. A note on Eastern Egg Number 4 (picture on Minister's desk):

    I think you're right about the person on the left being Mrs. Squawking. But I don't think it's the minister next to her. I think it's Celsius (the CIA guy that was in the hatch with Desmond). I think Celsius and Mrs. Squawking were married! That's why she messed up Desmond's marriage to Penny, because Desmond killed her husband!

    And maybe the minister had the couple's picture on his desk because he conducted their ceremony, and really thought they made a cute couple.

  28. I have also found an easter egg. When Jin pick up the sat phone its a old and crapy one but Hurkly wish for a new flashy one and it turns to it in his hands...Kind of stupid he didn't wish for it to work instead!


  29. OMFG ok folks theres no point rying to tell this guy that all his theories all crap because hes 100% pathetic and totaly 100% lost it lets just all hope that he will soon get some sense miht take a good 100 years though. One last thing PATHETIC!

  30. yea i sure hope this is a joke


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