Juliets SISTER Rachel IS a MAN!!

Hello PEOPLE!!

I am HERE with SHOCKING and TERRIFYING yet FUn filled NEWS of JOY!! Last NIGHTS episode "Two of THem" WAS the best EPISODE This WEEK!!

I wilL DO my full REVIEW later along WITH My eastern EGGS BUT for NOW I need to SHOW you theis fact that JULIETS sisters IS her BROTHER!!

If you LOOK at the FORM that Benny showed JULIET you can SEE that RACHEL is MALE!!

This IS a KEY and IMPORTANT find of INTEREST tot the PEOPLE of Earth!!

THIS will COME as a MAJOR shock TO the Writers KUSE, Lindorf and OTHERS people!!


  1. I thought it was the worst episode of the week, apologies for disagreeing with you. Nice catch though. I went through this part again and that corner of the sheet was barely visible for like a quarter of a second. I do however think male is referring to her unborn child who is a male when we see him.

  2. I disagree, it was a great episode. Ever since epi 10 Lost's back!!

  3. I have said in the past that Juliet's sister was her brother & now our great Lostigator has discovered the proof...THANK YOU Misfit!

    (Juliet was responsible for making a male mouse preggers so why not experiment on her bro? That Maybelline makeup can really transform a face huh?)

  4. I agree with soveena,I didn't like this episode much,and i also think that "male" refers to her child

  5. What's listed under the sex? It looks like it's weight... what baby weighs 197 pounds? I definitely think Rachel's a dude...

  6. WOW

    Yet again MiSfIt you AMAZE me this is a great FIND but there is ALSO the question of WHO smudged the INK on the PAPER maybe it was ABC because they DIDNT want you to see THIS


  7. fucking idiots, the fact u even give this twat confirmation that his unreal bullshit is cool, is a huge mistake, this cunt can't even spell. i hope he gets cancer and dies, yes YOU TheMISFitIsQueer who loves To WRIte In Capirarasl.....thats CAPITALS btw, i know u made me spell shit too!


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