My REVIEW adn eastern EGGS of DOC!!

Hello FANS of me!! I am SORRY for the delay THAT has millions OF you WAITING patiently!! I took SOME pills that MADE me wobbly and I was sick LAST night BUT i have NOW watched IT!!

That WAS probably MY favourite ever EPISODE of Lost!! D.O.C which is an acronym for DATE of CONTACT which I suspect relates to the THE SATRUDAY that they made contact with Namoi THE Noregian Handglider person WHO feel into a tree!! Here ARE My questions THOUGHTS hopes and FEELINGS as well as the eastern EGGS!!

I really HOPE that next weeks EPISODE "The bridge" is JUST as powerful AND GREAT as DOC!! I BELIEVE that it is a COOPER centric episode!!

It was NICE to see SMOKEY back this week disguised AS the PATCHman!!

WHY did Jack not HELP sun for very Long!! Was HE being ULTRA lazy!!

Eastern EGG2!! New Russian woman Naomi
Did you NOTICE that see spoke Norwegain and RUSSINA!!

Question 2!!
Why DID Sun not tell JIN that his PARENTS are still alive!!

QuestiON 3!! WHY did they PULL one of NAOMIs ribs out!!
Wont SHE miss it when SHE wakes up!!

Question 4!! Who WAS hurley HOPING would see the FLARE!!
Did he FIRE it to ALERT someone!!

THEORY 1!!Hurley WORKING for the others!!
- FIRED flare to ALERT Micknail AKA SMOKEY!!
- Told MICKNail about THE iPHONE!!

Eastern EGG 4!! Looks LIKE my SOURCE was correct about KATEs Baby!!
Kate has BABY Insideer INFO


  1. "QuestiON 3!! WHY did they PULL one of NAOMIs ribs out!!
    Wont SHE miss it when SHE wakes up!!"


  2. you are so predictable. if you just pay attention to whats going on im pretty sure it will answer all your retarded questions. p.s. next time take enough pills to finish the job

  3. Misfit, I can't believe you missed the biggest inside reference to a fan is the show's history! Juliet said "I hate you" into the tape recorder. Now, some people might think she was talking to Ben, but she wasn't, because she turned off the recorder before she said it. So, she must have been talking to you, Misfit. I mean, given how people respond to you, who else could she be talking to?

    Congrats, man! You're now officially a legend!

  4. hope u will be soon healthy :)

    i am ill too :( it s nothing nice nvm

    i love this page :)

    good work :)

    keep doing it :)

  5. where you even watching the show you got nothing and I mean nothing right!!

  6. Haha, Todd, great point! Very astute!

  7. Were you still high on your pills when you wrote this LMAO!!

  8. I would like to say that Misfit has been a legend in the Lost community for quite some time now.

    check it out all you sanctimonious smuggies.

    Misfit I hope you're feeling much better now. I got concerned when I didn't see your review posted in your usual timely manner.

    I think Naomi is Another OTHER because she was speaking in tongues to Mikhail who apparantly is omnipotent. He lied about her saying thank you and she lied to Hurley about no survivors. I hope you determine whats up with her B.S. soon!

  9. Glad to hear that you're fine; I spent all day checking your website waiting for the review.

    And I agree with Todd, the writers were saying that they hate you because of all of the info you've spilled to us (especially the clones).

  10. The language that the new woman spoke is portuguese, and she said: "I´m not alone". (Eu não estou só).

  11. Could it be that Henry Gale is ^Jennifer's^ brother from another other?

    Also, you're right about the Jin and Mighale clones! But they can change form! If you rewatch the episode, Jin is beating up Mingkhaile and then pushes him against a tree but he is now DESMIND~!

  12. the NORWEGIAN woman did not speak RUSSINA. I hope you meant Russian.... I speak Russian and did not hear her say anything in Russian. LMAO

  13. The Good Guys must be manufacturing clones of everyone on the island. That is why they have been bothering the survivors to get their DNA. They want to make clones of them to study in their research for the Dharma Initiative. Right now all these clones are being kept in storage, but the Patch Man's clone managed to escape in this or the last episode. It is sort of like the movie “The Island”. Why do you think there are huge thick metal doors like in the place Sun went? This is also why the Good Guys are carrying guns around. It is for security reasons to keep all the clones safe. Can't you wait to see Mr. Eko and everyone else again in the season final when Sayid breaches the Good Guy’s compound and discovers this secret? All your favorite characters will be back and then the place will be blown up with a charge of C4 and they will all die. I know, this is not real at all.

  14. OMG !!! You said your the right episode title for the first time!

  15. i think every one here is missing a BIG point.

    for the first time ever ths misfit got the name of this episode CORRECT!!!!!!

    DOC is correct, ok he mis understood what DOC stands for but i think this is OUTSTANDING for him!!!


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