Right BEHIND you - My Review and EASTERN Eggs

Yes PEOPLE it is mE again!! This WAS a fanastic EPISODES full of DETAILS and questions THAT only I the great Lostigator COULD find AND ANSWER!! But I have COMBINDED by REVIEW with THe Eastern EGGS for this weeks EPISODE "Right BEHIND you!!" WHich WAS a Cassidy CENTRIC episody!!

I wiLL ALSO look forward TO next WEEKS episode CALLED "Two OF them" WHICH from MY understandiNG of International SPOILERS that it is another FLASHBACK for Juliet!!

QUESTION no.1!! - Who WAS Kate PLAYING pool with!!

EASTERN EGG 1!! Did you NOTICE Sawyers SISTER Cassidy!!
Well I did!!

Question NO-2 !! Why DID the OTHERS amputate ONE of LOCKES fingers!!

Eastern EGG 2!! - THe ISLAND cured Lockes BRUISE!!
Yes I dont THINK other so called LOSTIGATORS managed TO spot THIS!! Loches BRUISE has healed IN less than 2.474HRS!!

Question 4!! Why ARE the OTHERS taking THEIR Rubbish out ALL at the SAME time!!
MayBE it is GARBAGE collection DAY!!

QUESTIONS 5!! Why DID kate not GO out THROUGH the open DOOR when they THROW the Aerosole INTO the ROOM!!

EASTERn Egg 3!! The SAME pool TABLE was used iN The bar!!
Using MY now WORLD famous RECOGNITION Technology (PATIENTS Pendings!!) I used to CREATE a POOL Recognition MODULE to determine AT a level of NEAR perferction AS you WILL ever GET of 98.374% THAT they are the same TABLE!! I wonder IF Dharma OPERATIVES took it AFTER seeing KATE at the BAR!!

QuestioN 4!! - Why WAS kate tryiNG to sell her MUM Bibles!!
All I can think OF is that SHE was trying to CONVERT her!!

Question 5!! - WHY did Juliet NO rememeber SHE had keys to the HAND cuffs!!

Question 6!! - WHY did they COVER themsevles IN MUd!!
Did they THINK that the SMOKER Monster WOULD not see them!!

Question 7 - WHO was JULIET trying to PHONE!!
Was SHE trying to PHONE the island Police OR Ben or MAYBE even Michael!!

Question 8!! WHY was JACK smokign SO much before HE fell ASLEEp in the HALLWAY!!


  1. here si another question..

    why do people keep coming here

  2. Did you notice how Juliette was all Bruce Lee on Kate's ass in the house but then when they got in the jungle she was all, "You be hurtin my arm, girlfriend." My guess is that the blackbelt Juliette and the Jungle Girl Juliette(tm) are two different people!!!


  4. who the hell is Cassidy?

    and what show where you watching cause your review was bad you got nothing right

  5. WoW...and not in a good way. I come here because sometimes you have good info and pics but lately due to the bad ass grammer and misleading clues that you have explained it's become torture to read what you have to say.
    Lets take a look at your review and "EASTER EGGS" which was Kate centric.

    Kate was just locked in the room with the pool table in it

    Cassidy is not Sawywer's sister, she was a woman who e had conned and got pregnant. Sometimes I wonder if you even watch the show

    It's just the camera angle is why you can't see his other finger

    Make-up department dropped the ball
    Or it wasn't the real locke at all

    The others are picking up and leaving

    How would you knoew if they were going to gas you? And that door was open for like a second

    It's called a set piece douchebag they do that to save money

    The chick in the pic is Cassidy dressed up as Kate

    She knew she had keys the whole time. It's a big set up by th eothers

    you know what I'm done here

  6. How do you know her name is Cassidy? If it is I don't think that she is Sawyer's sister, I think that she is his girlfriend. I also thought that Juliet and Kate fell in the mud running from the smoke thing. I don't think that they covered themselves. Juliet wasn't going to a phone she was at a keypad to activate the shield so the smoke thing couldn't get to them. Jack was gassed as well he didn't fall asleep. Look at your picture the can is in it.

  7. Fantastic work, I really appreciate your hard work on making
    the connections. You are wonderful!

  8. Totally awesome Misfit! I can't wait to see the Western Eggs!

  9. For the love of polar bears, all your posts are frickin' unreadable. Why the hell do you have to capitalize every other word? It's just more work for both you and any loon who thinks your posts are worth reading.

  10. Yes, WOW in a negative way! Are you not supposed to solve this daring questions or have the Lost writers overpower you? I seen this pattern in two episodes.. You don't have a clue anymore do you?

  11. Misfit! Yet again you cease to amaze me with your genious (not to mention hilarious) questions and Eastern Eggs! I await your posts every week as they do make me chuckle :)
    Seriously, you are too clever for TPTB. They should watch out for you! Don't let them UNDERESTIMATE YOU!

  12. If I could make a recommendation... next time you watch an episode make sure the volume is turned on, because all of YOUR "questions" are answered within the episode. This may prevent people telling you how stupid you sound later.

  13. Well here are my answers about your FROM BEHIND (why Right bihind you?!) review :

    Question 1 : Absolutely nobody

    EasteR egg 1 : Cassidy? Watch season 2 ep 13 "The long con" you'll know that she's his "girlfriend". You should remember that!!!

    Question 2 : I don't see any amputation but ok this could be real. We sure know everything asap.

    Easter egg 2 : His face doesn't look totally alright but I'm sure this is just a make-up problem.

    Question 4 (you forgot question 3...) : Well they're all packing up and leave. Everybody says that they're leaving, locke, juliet, jack, others and others.

    Question 5 : Why not... you're probably right. The door has been opened for 2 seconds, but but seeing the others attitude I'm not sure they locked it again. Then she was able to try to open it at least.

    Easter egg 3 : Sorry but there are not 200 kinds of pool table. You're easter doesn't work..

    Question 4 (again) : Uhhhh please you worth a little better than that

    Question 5 (again & again) : Just to be sure that Kate will follow her steps.

    Question 6 : They didn't cover themselves, they just fell into it

    Question 7 : Dude ! It's the Sonic Protection's code! The code is 1623 by the way. Two of our famous numbers. I wonder how you didn't find that...

    Question 8 : Tom was probably running with the others when he dropped out his ashtray.

    There it is. And sorry for my poor english I'm "just" a French boy

  14. LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!! MisFit you are too funny!

  15. what the hell.these posts just keep getting worse.you are ruining lost.go fuck your mother you crack head

  16. what the hell.you are fucking crack head.you are ruining lost.please get some help.

  17. In the garbage collection day...Is that not juliet on the right of the picture???? I believe she's all up in on it.

  18. If the posts are unreadable, why are you still coming here and reading them? And then complaining that you can't read them?

  19. R u sure u watched the show?????

    QuestioN 4!! - Why WAS kate tryiNG to sell her MUM Bibles!!
    All I can think OF is that SHE was trying to CONVERT her!!

    firstly that is not kate, if u watch the show properly u see its a decoy to get the fbi out of the house...durr second u do wicked job with this site but sometimes you trying to hard and some plain simple question make them sound like its mystery when not, sorry for the bad note.

  20. As always brilliant hiehie.

  21. Misfit my friend, congratulations on yet another most totally phrenic review. Your mind is definitely NOT RESIDING in a shoebox as most of the 34 gazillion anonymice's minds who INSULT you here are. (and their particular shoeboxes are not Nike size 15's either -- they're more like baby bootie boxes.)


    >> POOLE said...
    In the garbage collection day...Is that not juliet on the right of the picture???? I believe she's all up in on it.<<

    ITA. Thats what I've been thinking all along. There's more to Juliet's unprepossessing Mona Lisa-ish face than Cartoon & Demon would like us to believe. I don't trust her for one sec & probably the Others don't either as she confessed to Kate that her shoulder dislocation was the 4th TIME that it happened.

  22. I have a question?
    Why doesn't Jack take the 815s to Otherville?

  23. Why was Cassidy having shots in the bar if she's pregnant?

  24. Incredible, you did not use two exclamation marks after the title or question 7. You are improving little one. Next, learn what a question mark is. It is right next to the shift key so I know you will have an easy time finding it. Seriously though, only a little of the information here is actually decent. Other than that I find it really funny reading the garbage stuff and then reading all the comments about it. Those are the best. I calculate, without technology, that you spend 83.325% of your time looking here and looking through LOST episodes. The rest is used for eating and sleeping.

  25. sorry for my english, i'm coming fom Galapagos.
    I think that Misfit could be J.J Abrams or Cuse or Lindolf.
    Misfit you're jocking about your
    own show, it's great!

    sometimes it's autodérision (in french, like par avion, exposé,
    déjà-vu) and sometimes your spoiler where right long time before the episode show you where right.

    I think there is no crash oplane, no islands and LOST is not a story about survivors of a crash.
    But i think it shows NDE, Near Death Experience and LOST CONSCIENCE STATES which are link with NDE.
    In NDE people who have live this kind of experience speak about "déjà vu", LOST TIMES (annagram
    MITTLEOS and MISFIT is close.

    Great show , and great humoristic blog JJ CARLTON or MISFIT!

  26. your a idiot, they explained y she had the key the whole time and those buttons arent for a phone there to reverse the fence thingy,

  27. A++++++++++ info, plz keep it up.

  28. Ahahaha Misfit I love how people actually think you are being serious and aren't jerking around with their minds. You gotta it going on pal.

  29. I really hope your review is a joke.
    Otherwise you're really an idiot.

  30. Anyone have the link to that chat thing tHeMiSfIt had up earlier?

  31. Well well well here it goes again.
    Great work misfit. And still we have these american idiots eatin from misfit's hand: gettin all pissed off and correcting sarcasm with facts.

  32. "american idiots eatin from misfit's hand"

    my pc doesn't have nationality icons like yours does :(

  33. Lame jokes. I was a fan of your site, not anymore. Stop being so lame. Bye.

  34. ...you're mad. these wild theories make me laugh out loud and scare those around me :)

  35. Dude, you are ace. I fail to see how people cannot spot the comedy in this, keeps me enterained FOR hours!!!111oneone


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