SpelliNG and Grammer alerts!!

Recently I was LOOKING for other LOST sites and I thought I WOULD stop BY one OF the GODO ones likes THe TrailSECTION to SEE what OTHER people OF lost have FOUD about Spoilers!!

I was UPSET, SHocked AND Giddy WHEN I saw the FOLLOWING from DocArts at THE trailsection post the FOLLOWING!! A NUMBER of mean, SILLY, And wrong PEOPLE left NASTY comments about HIS grammer and SPellings!! AS you ALL know I take great pride IN my near PERFCT Spelling and Grammer and I am very RARE to make mistake on THAT!!

I DECIDED to run MY now worlds FAMOUS Grammer AND SPELLER checking Softwares THROUGH his POST and it came UP with AN 0.001% ERROR rate in Grammers AND spell words!! This IS NEAR perfect!!

I then USED my eyes and EARS to read JUST to double AND triple CHECK my calculations!! ANd when I used MY brain and SOFTWARE it came out at 0.003%!! This PROVES that my BRAIN is 3 times more FAULTY than my software!!

(You shoulD note that there IS a 98.78+- error VARIATION on the above %!!)

If you are following spoilers, you probably already know about some news involving a certain dynamic duo of LOST mythology. Well, I’ve been forwarded a few more rumblings concerning said spoiler that suggest we will NOT be seeing said duo in the setting which we expected.

If this rumor is not true, then it should be. Essentially, what is being said is that the DeGroot flashback is not a 'Dharma' flashback in as much that it will cover what happened when Dharma arrived on the island. In fact, if the rumor is true, this episode will confuse matters even further by suggesting that Dharma may have been aware of the island's special properties before even arriving there.

Maybe for you this isn't confusing at all. Opinion seems split on whether or not Dharma knew what they were getting themselves into when they went to the island. Dr. Marvin Candle's introduction to the formation of the bucolic compound never mentioned floating smoke monsters, or four toed statues amongst its attractions. As someone who likes to 'play with the cards in my hand', I always assumed Dharma discovered the island mysteries much the way our 815'rs did. Although, Marvin baby did mention the unique magnetic fluctuations.

This all comes about through a rendezvous between the younger DeGroot's and a character of Dharma mythology we all know very well.

How do I rank the veracity of this info? On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 5. This same source told me about the Dharma bus before it appeared anywhere else in print. Therefore, I have no doubt he/she/it saw something that supports these ideas.

In a way, I hate this rumor because it evokes a lot of the theories that evolved from 'The Lost Experience', and I have a serious aversion to the concept of game mythology being canon to show mythology. (Even after Cuse and Lindelof themselves told me that there is some connection. I am just hard headed like that.)

On the other hand, one island mystery bugs me, and probably you, to this day. Why can some people go to the island anytime they want, while others cannot? Why does Ben consider it unreachable from the outside world when Oceanic 815, Desmond, The Black Rock, and Henry Gale, to name a few, seem to just randomly stumble upon it? If this rumor is true, there is a possibility we might finally get an answer to that question.

Now, one possibility is that this flashback episode is going to cover a wide expanse of time, so it may not mean that we will not see Dharma in later segments of the episode, ala ‘Expose’ or ‘The Other 48 Days’.

The rumor of a Dharma flashback episode has been kicking around since last season and with the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction to the prospect of such an episode it is hard to imagine the LOST producers will not seize the opportunity to deliver a guaranteed home run


  1. Hello JOE!! Thanky FOR the GOOD words about ME!!

    MR AnonYMOUS you are ALWAYS posting HERE on my BLOG!! I care THAT Is why I wrote IT!! I don't THINK you are VERY bright!!

  2. I look forward to ur days findings everyday I come bc from work ;p


  3. I'm HAPPY to report that I have noW installed ThEmIsFiTiShErE's Grammering and Spiel ENGINE and can now GUARANTEE 98.782674% PERFECT posts.

  4. "OF the GODO ones likes THe TrailSECTION"

    ...perfect spelling

  5. theres not one of your 'investigations' where you you've spelt everything correctly!

    LOST Match 100/100 according to my personnal mole JJ ABRAMS

    no island, no crash of plane
    no survivors of a crash plane.

    But people in an hospital
    calls the Hanso Fondation,
    who are between life and death
    who are studdied by Docors
    from Dharma initiative.

  7. Who needs grammar when you have content like yours!

  8. YOUR "near PERFCT Spelling and Grammer and I am very RARE to make mistake on THAT!!" Man I need some of what you are smoking!
    you have the worse spelling and grammar I ever seen!!

  9. Funny how this is your only post where you actually tried to spell correctly. Spell check this entry?



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