We are ASKING the Wrong questions ABOUT Jacob!!

Hello Fan PEOPLE!!

My Ultra TOP secret INSIDE Moleman has JUST given me ONE of the Most EXPLOSIVE and giggly SPOILERS ever in the HISTORY of the Internet anD LOST!!

We have BEEN asking the wrong QUESTION about JACOB!!Interweb PEOPLE have been AKsing "Who is Jacob" Blah BLAH blah!! But we have to ASK


I can reveal that JACOB is not a PERSON but a ALIEN COMPUTER!! J.A.C.O.B!!

This IS the COMPUTER that CAN manifest ANYTHING!!

ALSO Remember THE Door HATCH!! THis is REAL and a PORTWAY to other timeLINES!! When sayid OPENED it he was NOT a good PERSON so it did NOT open but IT will OPEN for the GOOD people!!

THIS IS a worlds exclusive!!


  1. this is the same door that was supposed to have walt and all those other stolen kids tied to a table.

    your world exclusives seem to be getting re-used.

  2. maybe the kids are all there but since sayid couldnt open it...he couldnt see them lol

  3. Lord Lostigator -

    This time I'm not even kidding, I think for the most part this is true. I used to think JACOB could definitely be a computer. However, TPTB said that Jacob and HIM are one in the same. And everyone from Ben to Mikhail talk about "he is a great man", so now I'm inclined to think Jacob is actually a human being.

    But the Door Hatch could be entirely true. It's seems too odd that Dharma built a decoy door years earlier. It MUST serve a higher purpose.

    Keep on Lostigating, Lostigator sir!!!

  4. LOSTIGATOR, What do the initials J.A.C.O.B. stand for?? Only you can decipher it's unearthly code.

  5. "God loves you as he loved Jacob" -The brainwashing video. So... God loves inanimate objects now? oh I'm sorry inanimate means non-living. Sorry for using such big words Misfit.

  6. well i actually think you're right about the door thing because sayid never actually touched the rock wall behind the door so it could just have been a decoy for something big......


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