MY Review of GREATEST Hats!!

HELLO fans!! I have JUST watched this WEEKS Episode of LOST "Greatet Hats" as I forgot it was A Thursday YESTERDAY!! I think ABC have been changing my CLOCKS!!

BEFORE this WEEKS brief REVIEW here is something I rememebred WHEN I watched LAST weeks epsiode

- Reviewing LAST weeks episode I noticed JACOB say HELP Me!! The same as the HURLEY bird that SAID Help ME!!

HERE is the review,Eastern EGGS and QUestions from Greatest hats!!

- Why DID the others MEMBER of Charlie BAND Drivebelt attack SAYIDs sister Nadia!!
- WHY DID Sayid ALLOW Crazed BErnard (aka ALVIN Hansoi) ACCESS to a gun!! That IS just crazy!!
- I LIKED how DESMOND went back IN time and TAUGHT Charlie TO Swim!!
- I loved the NEW Playboy Stations with the playboy rabbit!! I fear THIS show MAY go a little R rated!!
- Why DID Charlie ATTACK Desmond the the OARS!!
- Why DIDNT they just cut the CABLE to the playboy STATION!!
- Why DO the others HATE rabbits so much!! They are EITHER shaking them TO death or STABBING them and taking their FUR off!! Maybe they are MAKING shoes or ties WITH the fur!!
- HOW can you have A Greatest HITS album with jUST one song on IT!!
- JUST how much dyanmite did THE Dark ROCK ship have!! I thought LOCKE used it all oN The submarine diversion EXPLOSION and on the Fire STATION!!
- THe WOMEN in the station ARE original DAHRMA people!! They THINK CHARLIE is an other!!
- WHY Did Sayid TRY to play RUGBY with Karl!! There WERE much more impotent THINGS to do!!
- IT was VERY handy that JULIET was able to DRAW the Playboy hatch LAYOUT from memory!!
- WAS Charlie trying to KILL aaron by leaving HIS ring in his CRIB so that he would choke!!

I am VERY excited about NEXT weeks EPisode "I threw the Magifying GLASS" which IS a JACOB flashback showing how HE bacome a Ghost!!


  1. "HOW can you have A Greatest HITS album with jUST one song on IT!!"

    That is too funny!

  2. Why didn't they just cut the wires? Yeah, that, or why didn't they just paddle out 18-20 nautical miles to where Naomi's ship is and use the phone. 4 guys could paddle that in 5-6 hours or so if the wind wasn't to bad.

  3. the PLAYBOY hatch contains NUDE others!

  4. you can't spell you tit

  5. You dont even watch lost since you cant get anything right your just guessing

  6. you are a true fool are a discrace to mankind and really need to get a life

  7. Did you try to cut a huge metal cable with a kniffe?

  8. The Playboy hatch!

  9. go tie your testicles (if you have em) to a damn rock and throw it off a cliff

  10. i hope your trying to be funny cause desmond didnt travel back in time firs of all second of all episode is called greatest hats and there were alot of other things you t understood incorrectly

    p.s. it was charlies dad teaching him how to swim because the man was big and desmond is skinny and the two looked nothing alike so if you are trying to be funny it made me laugh but either way the stuff you find out about lost is pretty good

  11. some very good ???'s Misfit...

    "WHY DID Sayid ALLOW Crazed BErnard (aka ALVIN Hansoi) ACCESS to a gun!! That IS just crazy!!"

    Bernard promised Sayid some FREE dental work after they finished whacking the Others if Sayid let him have that gun. He didn't want to tell Rose because she would have been mad at him for practicing dentistry without being paid.

    "WHY Did Sayid TRY to play RUGBY with Karl!! There WERE much more impotent THINGS to do!!"

    yes VERY very impotent things to do but I don't think Sayid is thinking straight lately. His bad tooth infection must be interfering with his thought processes.

    "I am VERY excited about NEXT weeks EPisode "I threw the Magifying GLASS" which IS a JACOB flashback showing how HE bacome a Ghost!!"

    I'm very excited too & I hope they ALSO show exactly just how Jacob's ghost morphed into a chair!

  12. DID YOU KNOW?... Desmond is aging backwards!!

  13. Reading these comments is like watching clowns at the circus.

  14. annemarie GO TO european space!

  15. also KNOW as HELLFIRE!

  16. I still can't grasp how incredibly lame this site is, I know you're just pretending to be stupid Misfit, but seriously, some of this stuff is just not funny.

  17. These are great observations...thank you again for your especially look forward to solving the hidden code each truely seperates you from the rest and the average reader from the rest...indeed...Brilliant!

  18. Right! "Greatest Hats"!! that deserves a good stabbing. I wish to fuck i could shut down your blog or sent you a virus. Is it true you stay in Aberdeen? I hope for your sake you dont!!

  19. why did benard tell ben where jack was going?

    now instead of killing jin they are gonna kill everyone else including rose. something is up with benard.

    good to see kate and jack make it off the island but you know they wont show us anymore info about how they get off the island till the end of season 4 atleast.

    walt is back,kinda, i really wasnt shocked when i saw him. locke cant move and decide to off himself with a gun when walt shows up and says get up dumbass you got stuff to do.
    maybe not in those words tho.

    charlie dies thank god and mikhail dies as well. sawyer kills tom(mr.friendly)locke finds jack with naomi at the radio tower and locke throws his knife right into naomi killing her. he tells jack he'll kill him too if he try to contact help but he doestnt and jack makes the call.

    both the playboy bunnys die in that hatch as well. and penny doesnt know anyone named naomi. danielle and her daughter alex tie ben up when his plan backfires.

    this was better then any season finaly so far but not as shocking as "were gonna have to take the boy" as in season 1. we will get a ben and danielle flashback early in season 4 as well as a richard flashback and possible a jacob flashback at the end of season 4. but im hearing we will mostly see jacob in flashback stories.

    i would say season 3 ended well but i have to compare it to last season. they showed us penny and the artic guys but we never got back to that story until now. so that means we have to wait a whole year or 2 to find out how they got off the island.

  20. My boyz down da way gave did playah sum da fax on what goin down in da finale! You best no be no readin dis if you can't handle da troof. Membah back in like da fist episode when Charlie all writin crazy mad trash on his fingers? Like he all writin "Fate" and "Late," yo. Well in da big finale he gonna write "Nate" on his fingers. Who be Nate, you axe. Nate be some new go who made outta metal and got like fifteen buck-ass robot eyes and some fingers that be knives and his legs is like two big monster truck wheels and he all rippin shit up! And Charlie gonna be like, "Nate, we needs to bust ah white asses out dis place." But Nate all like, "Yo, fool. Did place is a bloody snowglobe." And Charlie like, "Homie, dey ain't no snow here." And Nate be like, "That what we call a metaphor in da hood, dawg." And Charlie be all, "Who Claire's baby daddy?" And Nate all like, "I ain't da babby daddy. You da babby daddy cuz you ain't wearin no jimmy
    caps when you bust yo nut, dawg."

  21. the PLAYBOY hatch contains NUDE others!

    That girl with gun was reasonable...

  22. I just can't wait for tonight anymore. I'm going insane!!

  23. HOW can you have A Greatest HITS album with jUST one song on IT!!

    that's what I wanna know. Plus, it's a really lame song.


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