My Reviews AND Eastern EGGS from "I threw the Magifying GLASS"

Hello AGAIN interent fiends!! Well THAT was some EPISODE ("I threw the Magifying GLASS") although I need to watch IT again at lease 13.84 TIMES to make sure I don't Miss ANY clues OF facts!! Although I DONT recall anyone GOING through the A Magnifying glass!!

It was AN odd EPISODE as it SEEMED to take longer TO download AND took a lot longer TO watch!! MAYBE this is the START of the TIME anomoly

HEre ARE my early THOUGHTS on the episode!!

Why was PATCHY using his BLIND eye to AIM!!

Why DIDNT Jack REMEMBER kate when they FIRST crashed!! OBVIOUSLY at the end on the EPISODE knew about the ISLAND as I've PREDICATED all along!! I told YOU Kate had BEEN there before!!

CHARLIES note to CLAIRE will be all SOggy after DESMOND fell into the SEA!!

It was FUNNY when Miknail FORGET to let go of the GRENADE and blew HIMSELF up!!

Why DIDNT Charlie Write something more USEFUL like "HELP" or "Open THE door" on his hand!!

Why DO Dharma VANS have bulletproof GLASS!!

Nice TO See Jack attend Walts FUNERAL but I was SURPRISED that crazed SHOOTER michael was not there!!

I was SURE Carton Cused SAID something about A MAILbox and a snake or Rabbt!! I WILL need to WATCH again but I did not see any MAILBOXES or any snakes!!

LOOKing at the maps it looks LIKE the Island is iN ENGLAND!! IN fact I exacmined the LINE and the RULER goes RIGHT through my house!! I think THEY are trying to SEND me a warning!! CUSED and LIMEDOLF are TRYING to actually LOCATE me!!

Why DOES Jack have a MASSIVE Watch!!

Funny TO also SEE sun and Jin on the PLANE!!

It was NICE to see crazy German WOMAN Danielle FINALLY meet her spainish daughter Alex and IT was nice that they Bonded by Bonding Ben to the tree!!

THis EPISODE proved again MY theory THAT Christian Shephard is STILL alive!!

What WAS penny Doing on the TV !!

Who WAS the tall Basketball PLAYER that foudn Locke in the PIT!!

I'm REALLY looking forward now to next weeks EPISODE called THE Retreat!!

I will BE posting my FACTOIDS later as I watch with MY night VISON gooogles!!


  1. "It was NICE to see crazy German WOMAN Danielle FINALLY meet her spainish daughter Alex and IT was nice that they Bonded by Bonding Ben to the tree!!"

    Hahaha, Misfit you are awesome.

  2. You had me rolling... Thanks for the cool factoids, Misfit!

    --- Skippy

  3. WHY was MR fReindlie on the RADIO fon when JACK called!! I thot Sawyer shot him FOR touching a boy on the BOAT!

  4. Sorry mate, there wont be an episode next week, you must wait till february!

  5. Wow; I missed the easter egg of your house on the map. Your days are numbered Misfit.

  6. I have seen the snake peek of next WEEKs period. The funeral was JACOB's!!!

  7. feb 13th is a long time to wait. and you know that we wont get any answers about jack and kate making it off the island. we still havent found out anything about the artic guys from the end of season 2 yet.

    misfit your the best. im glad there are only 48 episodes left. that means only 47 more till we get some major answers. what the island is, what smokie is, where alvar hanso is(maybe jacob), ect.

    was anyone else pissed that they would only show 5 minutes of lost and then commercials. they should have 2 or 3 and just charge alot more. guess its not that easy. and they would have had to make a 2 hour show instead of an 80 minute show.

  8. I love Misfit's rectoids!!

  9. another very great review which made me happy to read after being very enormously disappointed in last night horribly overhyped finale. harrumph. Snakes in Cartune Cuses' fannies is what it was.

    Charlie did not have to die!! How stupid & nonsensical & C.C. better explain further or else risk losing humongous hordes of Dom's fans. He had everything to live for w/Claire & the baby so why the heroics? bad move Cartoony. Apparantly you didn't know Charlie as well you thought. (As you can see I am royally ticked over this & I might even use a SWEAR word!

    Misfit I Loved your take on Danielle & Alex bonding over manhandling Ben. What a dynamic duo they will surely be. And Walt the tall basketball player. LOL good fun stuff as usual. Your Lost site rules!!

    Also you are correct & your astuteness is astounding. Old drunken fogey Shepherd HAS to be alive or else how could he possibly be drunker than young drunken fogey Jack?

  10. uhh incase u didnt know, when jack and kate meet at the end, ITS TEH FUTURE WHY ELSE WOULD HE HAVE A GOLD CARD FROM THEM, ITS FOR THE COMPANY TO SAY IM SORRY U WERE STUCK ON AND ISLAND derrrr its not the past, its the future

  11. hi.....long time lurker, first time poster.......
    love your obsternations
    Do you think that Jacob could prob be using the "tall basketball player" as a host body?

  12. how can u call yourself a lost fan when u ddint even know they were in the future at the end of the episode, u upset me!

  13. ok, misshit, ur a complete moron. ur a disgrace to lost fans everywhere. and all you anonymous', ur idiots too. THIS GUY IS MAKING FUN OF LOST. HE SHOULD B SHOT.

  14. LOL you got nothing right Dude not even sure you are watching the same show as every one else

  15. I have never read as much bunk as this idiot puts out every week...I mean he can't even spell or get the simplest details right. Unbelievable.
    "The tall basketball player"??? PLEASE!!! It was the island manifesting itself to Locke in the form of Walt. HELLOOOO PEOPLE!!! MISFIT IS AN IDIOT....MAJOR IDIOT!!!

  16. Don't you just wish people would understand that he's taking the Pish,

    Love your site misfit, danielle and Alex Classic. 5 stars *****


  17. Why DIDNT Charlie Write something more USEFUL like "HELP" or "Open THE door" on his hand!!

    re: are you really so stupid? He want to die! He want to make the future that desmond foretell -> Save them and get off the island.

    Who WAS the tall Basketball PLAYER that foudn Locke in the PIT!!

    That was Walt. Lock brings him to the the island over the magic box like he brinks sawzer(father)
    (or maybe the Jackob)

    srry 4 bad english and Namaste (:

  18. Who WAS the tall Basketball PLAYER that foudn Locke in the PIT!!

    Nice TO See Jack attend Walts FUNERAL but I was SURPRISED that crazed SHOOTER michael was not there!!

    It was NICE to see crazy German WOMAN Danielle FINALLY meet her spainish daughter Alex and IT was nice that they Bonded by Bonding Ben to the tree!!

    LMAO! MisFit you're the best!

  19. Agreed, what the hell was SHAQUILLE doin there????

  20. Why didnt Charlie write Help or open the door on his hand??????? LMFAO
    Youre the best misfit. I owe you a hand-job for the laughs today.

    Your girl,

  21. The only thing more funny than reading your blog is reading the comments from the idiots who think you're serious!

  22. This isn't funny, I hope you get banished from the internet Misfit, you and all your lame ass members can just go fuck yourselves

  23. HAHAHAH! I JUST LOVE YOU! YOU HAD ME ROFL! But i think you got the wrong name of the episode, it's "Through The Looking GRASS"! The Grass on the island has eyes, that's why the pthers know everything!

  24. your gettin worse.. i will not read ur craps anymore...

    the guy who found locked was WALT not any bball player.. you suck

  25. you didn't realize one thing - Sawyer probably used Mikhail's televisions to watch "Heroes", how else could he call Hurley "Hiro"?

  26. Misfit, you are a true genius. Thanks for posting your awesome FACTOIDS. And thanks for letting those dumbasses post comments (Dumbasses -> the very people who don't understnd that this site is a joke).

  27. Misfit,
    You are simply the best. I'm sorry that some people do not
    understand your greatness. I'm also sorry that your house is on the map! Please be careful and come back next year. Oh, it is too too long to wait.

  28. a friend of mine may be on to something.... the little boy and the woman who were saved by Jack.... could possibly be Juliet's sister and her son (Julien?? was it???) how cool would that be?!?!

  29. duh. The people who don't get that this site is all for fun are the kind of people who GROW up to be those very same kind of stupydoans who get conned into buying ocean front property in Arizona.

    dum dee dumm dummmmmmmm.

  30. Please misfit, give us some season 4 stuff. Everything you predicted came true!!

  31. please find out if they find the looking glass will it help out that one-eyed guy who never dies...

  32. Who died? to whom mourns jack whole zeit?

  33. I found this episode REALLY confusing!

    I did NOT expect to get another flashback from DRUG ADDICT Charlie so soon! And I thought it was weird that he kept imagining he was Jack!

  34. misfit please stop this bullshit, it was maybe fun to begin with, but seriously you need a life, and quit with the deliberate spelling errors and quit acting like a woman, i know you are fond of sheep, as you come from Aberdeen(home of the sheep)!!!!

  35. bonsoir people of lost world.
    sorry for my english i'm still
    the man of gallapagos.

    yes misfit your western leggs
    are right.
    next week the episode the retreat will tell us more
    about the future of our losties when they will have 80 years old.

    and the story will be explained by AAKRON the baby of Clarisse, who is Jacob.

    You made a small mistake Misfit Danielle Roussol is not German but Hungrian as the french new president Sarkozy, and her daughter
    Alex is not her daughter, she is in fact a boy and alex is the gransfather of
    Danielle Roussol, and also lex is not Spanish but from
    Darfour, and his brother was Mister Eko.

    Jack and Kate are very sorry at the end to be the headquarters of MITTLEOS
    BIOSCIENCE, and regreat that they didn't use the IBM computers that JIN , ingenior of MIT has always have on the Island.
    Jin didn't want to show his IBM computer because he wanted to play alone , and only alone at PACKMAN.
    and patchman , Mikail Boukhenine, knew that, because he is the father of
    the Packman game that why he had a patch the man.

    at the end of the last episode we can see the plane
    surroundind jack just before Kate has left. This plane
    is in reallity the real flight 815 which it's piloting by RAZZLE DAZZLE,
    the brother of AAKRON the baby, and the cousins of
    Nikkita the bimbo and Paulux the waiter.

    sorry for the spoilers but
    Ben told me that if i didn't give it to you i will
    go in paradise and my wish is to go in hell, with my best friend MISFIT !


  37. Ha, Misfit you are hilarious. The random idiots who don't understand this are funny!



    This is how we can read, no other, no names....

  39. Misfit u used to have genuine theorys and spoilers on here, now its all taking the piss. I preferred the mix when u used to wind people, now ur just some sort of comedian. Please go back to the old ways, i remember the days of the shoot carriers for th log books when we all didnt know what it was... a genuine spoiler!!!

  40. I'm not sure which is funnier: the people who don't understand your humor OR people who want to underline to others that this is humor.

  41. I have some questions that only the misfit can answer.
    Why did Charlie commit suicide if he knew that Naomi wasn't sent by Penny?
    He was told by Desmond that Claire and Aaron would end up in an helicopter if he died, but why would he want Claire to be "rescued" by the baddies?
    Why did Mikhail kill Charlie AFTER he unjammed communications? What was the point?
    Why did Locke stab Naomi in the back instead of just aiming at her phone?

    And finally the most impotent question: Is Hurley japanese? Why did Sawyer call him HIRO?

  42. I'll tell you what:somthing important that you missed my dear lostigigator or what else you call your self.
    A MASSIVE HUGE CLUE from "Tunisia" (not that far from the island ;) )
    22:42----> Pascal Flats
    you can write me here:
    don't thank me, just admit that you missed something.


  43. mIsFiT, you are a true visionary. It's just too bad some people can't appreciate genius when they see it. I can't wait for next week's eastern eggs.

  44. mIdFiT you are gonna be so confused with all these flash forwards!! I'm looking forward to next weeks episode too!

  45. ummmm this show is all about time travel and the flashbacks this time were actually in the future not the past???

  46. there is a vicious rumour going round the internrt that next weeks lost is being pulled off thanks to your awesome revelations about the future of lost. you should be careful-abc have approximately 4,815,162,342$ to lose and i have heard that cartoon curse is mighty pissed off at having to rewrite the lost all the time. i am not sure if you are a genus who has flew too near the sun or an evil timelord who is breaking the laws of time and trying to make all our heads explode with the wrongness of future knowledge! if you do not print this i will know it is true!

  47. Here're my thoughts:

    Misfit is cool, enlightening and uses the language for humour and emphasis.

    The thrill is seeing these other guys mock this site with unwanted words and thoughts. One cos it's rude and two, cos their English sucks!

    Just the ones who complain. If you're going to complain.. at least do it with proper grammer and spelling.

  48. regarding jacob - didnt they say everything had a rational explanation

    well i think all the islanders have been hypnotised

    and thats why, wen jacob wanted ben to see him, he did

    and wen he wanted locke to hear him he was able 2

    dont u think?

  49. danielle is french not german

  50. They are in A PIRGATORY!!

  51. "Open the Effin' Door, Desi !!!!"

    "I'm Bonnie. She's Clyde. BlamBlam !"

    Goodbye, Bonnie. Goodbye, Clyde.

    Bonnie and Clyde never left the Magnifying Glass because one room was filled with Good Vibrators...

    How come Locke didn't blow up the Radio Tower ? He detonated everything else.

    Juliet to Sawyer: "Hey Big Fella, play you're cards right and I'll show you my scar."

    Big Tom Friendly- We hardly knew ye !

    Entity Count:
    1. The Others (Ben, etc.)
    2. The Mothers (Sun, Kate, Claire)
    3. The Other Others (Richard Avon, the Mascara King etc.)
    4. The Original Others (the Folks at the Toe Temple)
    5. The Smother Others (Original Dharma people who got gassed)

    I wonder if Lockester freed Jacob to break more furniture.


  52. You ROCK!!!

    I do think Charlie should have written something better on his hand. Or maybe his forehead!!!

  53. "LOOKing at the maps it looks LIKE the Island is iN ENGLAND!! IN fact I exacmined the LINE and the RULER goes RIGHT through my house!! I think THEY are trying to SEND me a warning!! CUSED and LIMEDOLF are TRYING to actually LOCATE me!!"

    Haha you sound like my senile grandfather :) he is in a mental hospital, he suffers from paranoia and keeps saying "the federals coming to get me, they're gonna get me, anyday now" :) it's so funny, he's so nuts my good ole grandpa

  54. The line goes through scotland not england idiot.

  55. are not a lost fan at all, stop being a mountain of misinformation please. you are just buzz-killing one of the greatest shows ever written.


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