Hello FRIENDS of LOST and the MISFIT!! I HAVE just watched AND viewed with mY eyes the NEW film that was SHOWN at COMIC-Con!! HERE is what I found by Watching the VIDEO backwards, FORWARDS, frame BY frame, Upside DOWN and with my NIGHT Vision Googles!!

- We are INTRODUCED to a new Docter called DR. EDGAR Earwax!!
- This Dr earwax is a Rabbit specialist!!
- They are IN a new Station called the Orchard!!
- The Cameran APPEARS to be very Drunk as it shakes a LOT!!
- The Bunny has the LETTERS "I" and "S" on it which I think THEY are talking about that BAD person who leakes the EPISODES after they have aired caled InsiderScopes!!
- Dr earwax was VERY rude on the Camera!!
- The dr does not want the RABBITs near each other as THEY might start making BABY rabbits!!
- They are ALSO performing GRAVITY experiments on MONKIES as we see a MONKEY riding a Bycycle Upside DOWN!! It might have BEEN Joops SISTER!!
- The Orchard Station is NOT very well built as PARTS of the ceiling fell oFF!!

I will HAVE more spoilers LATER in the WEEK from my MOLEMAN who I like to CALL the Mole Man!!


  1. To actually see the video go to

  2. There's nothing more terrifying than a bunny on a shelf. It IS the rabbit!!!

  3. I noticed all that too!

  4. Yay!!!! The misfit is back

  5. I think this is clone lab (for rabbits)...thats why are no survivors
    on flight Oceanic 815 ...they are all clones ...thats my theory

  6. >It IS the rabbit!!!
    how he get there???!!!1!!

  7. wtf is your problem you dickriding faggot you mean to say you are acctualy happy he is back with all of his bullshit man hes a perfect example why you shouldn't have youre retarted sister buttfuck a monkey cause the result is you get another misfit

  8. This is just for the people who aren't complete retards and actually understand the show: This film is meant to be nothing more than a spoof.

  9. everything the misfitishere says is 100% true. you anonymouses are the hoax. how are we to believe that you really ARE anonymous and that we do not know who you are? beat that, sourpuss.

  10. Stupid people keep coming here to fuck with you Misfit... but dont worry!! WE, your fans, will always be here to suport you in your lostigator quest to conquer the world!
    Keep it coming!

  11. U dont post as much as i want u to because u posted like every day now its liek 1 every 2 weeks

  12. Lol- the moleman. I think you got that from my blog.


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