New DHARMA logo!! The PIG!!

Hello PEOPLE who LIKE the internet !!

I have COME across SOME great NEW info!! It looks lIKE there is another Dharma LOGO called "THE pig" as you can see FROM the Image I have FOUND below!!

I am A little WORRIED however that THE budget for SEASON 4 may be A little LESS than previous YEARS as the ARTWORK looks A little SHODDY and rushed!!

Maybe JACK Bendit WAS a little Drunk or Blind when He did the Pig!!

Click THE image TO make it EXAPND rapidly!!


  1. another HINT that there MUST be a BURGER KING station!!111

  2. Spider Pig Spider pig! Does whatever whatever spiderpig does Look out he is the spider pig!
    Can he swing from a web no he can't hes a pig! look out! here is a spiderpig!

  3. this is so lame. You stole the pic from LOST virtual tour. This is not funny. Not funny at all.

  4. THE BURGER KING HATCH OMG!!!!!!1111!!1!1shift1

  5. 'Jack Bendit did a pig'

    that was rude! SHAME on you!

  6. hey misfit heres a scoop of news nowhere else yet as far as i know.

    clair and jack find out there sister and brother this season but how that happens or starts anyway is this.

    sawyer is the first to know after clair shows him a picture of her father. sawyer sees the picture and remembers dr. shepard from the bar who he knows is also jacks father.

    ill post more about this episode when i get the info.

    i assume that he tells jack he has a sister before clair the way the scene was told to me from an extra on set(highschool friend). he doesnt tell clair right away after he sees the pic most likely due to the fact charlie just died.

    just wanted to fill you in on some lost gosip from a sawyer centric episode early in the forth season.

  7. i read on teh internets that they stole the LOST virtual tour from THE REAL ISLAND IN REAL TIME!!!!!!1!1!11


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