MammoUTH scoopage!! Bernard FLashforward AND ethan FLASHBACK!!

Hello PEOPLE of the INTERNET stuck IN the LONG Hiatian!! I have SOME good NEWS for you all with SOME enormous SCOOPAGE of Dramatic IMPACT!!

I have BEEN sent PHOTOS from Season 4 EPISODE 2 of LOST which will HAVE a crazy BERNARD (aka Alfred Hanso) FLASHFORWARD and A Flashback of ETHAN (aka Ethan)!!

The BERNARD flashforward SHOW his life AFTER he has left the ISLAND and is NOW a multiMILLIONARE after HE sold THE secrets OF the ISLAND to Charlie Widemore!! ROSE is DEAD!!

The Other part of EPISODE 2 shows a ETHAN Flashback TO when he ATTACKED the DHARMA buildings WITH guns and stuff!!

Here are SOME photos!!

be careful as the ABOVE as some minor spoilers in IT!!


  1. HOLY FUCK!!!!@!@!!!!!!!!@!!!!!@!@#!!!!!11!1

  2. Thank you Misfit. Its been abominably execrable hanging on by my fingertips waiting out their cheeky hiatus but with these latest scoopages of yours I feel I can survive the next 4 or so months.

    Bernard probably bilked Chas Wideload good because look at how well he cleans up. (nice suit Bernie!)

  3. I almost trust you!

    now,I just know I can't trust you again:)

    My english is poor,sorry~

    --a lost fans from China

  4. these are screenshots from the show k-vile

  5. those are from k'ville dumbass

  6. this is a screenshot from k-ville


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