HELLO friends of ME!! I have SOME exciting NEWS!!

I have JUST been sent THE following WHICH shows Jin in a flashforward!! He IS arrested FOR soem REASON but he is released!! He is PICKED up by SUN in there new Porche CAR and then driven AWAY.

So it looks LIKE Episode 6 IS sun/Jin centric AND a FLASHFORWORD!! So THEY both GET off the ISLAND!!

You CAN also see there BABY in the back OF the car!!

THERE is no need to THANK me!!


  1. here's the thing - I know you think you're funny by pretending to be a retard and act like you dont get the LOST and to be big headed about it, but here's the shocking news- you're not funny, you're wasting your time, and you need to get a life. The thing is with comedy you need a certain degree of intelligence to pull it off, something which you're 'misfit' character doesn't have, in other words you need better idea's then to just make up a stupid character, anyone can do that.

    see ya soon,

  2. i think your right

    this means that jin is sayid
    and jack is realy kate

    and the smoke monster is realy
    Arohon clayers baby and the baby she has is a clone whit 42 printed on his back

    and brenard is alvar hanso
    and alvar hanso is actualy swyer
    and swyer is lock
    and lock has no cock
    and so on...

  3. You are completely lost.
    I know you are going to borrow my message but THIS VIDEOS IS WHEN JIN WAS ARRESTED IN HONOLOULOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOw, wat a SScoop !!!?

    ThSose polese acktRS r Guud acktRS !!

    WELl done MisFitt !!!

  5. That is not Lost FLASHFORWARD. That is REAL arrested of Jin becouse he was driving DRUNK. bYe

  6. He did apologize for that (by the way he was done for DUI) From Daniel Dae Kim's Myspace:

    I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed by my actions of Thursday morning. It saddens me to know that I jeopardized the welfare of the kind people of Hawaii, a community that I love and call my home.
    It is my intention to cooperate fully with the police and I am grateful to them for their sensitivity throughout this matter.
    To my friends, family, colleagues and fans, thank you for your kind words of support. To those I have disappointed I can only ask that you accept my heartfelt apologies. I am truly, truly sorry.


    'Lost' Actor Daniel Dae Kim Arrested on Suspicion of Drunken Driving by Honolulu Police


  8. jin must drink and drive in the future.

    props to the 2 year old that said "fake", you are a smart child.

    you can thank britney,paris, and lindsay for this video. with out them none of this would be possible.

  9. wHy dIndnT i EvER NotIceD ThaT BeFORe? Jin is Gay

  10. Misfit is correct... remember peeps - he is the greatest Lostigator.

    Could any of you possibly fathom that Jin WAS driving drunk in the flashforward & gets arrested? It could be part of his story. What happened is that some nosey peeps got word of the scene's filming & thought it was real. (Arrogantly aggressive reporters & werewolfish paparazzi for instance)

    This could be just a big publicity stunt & Daniel could be playing along with it on his Myspace space.

    However. If this "arrest" is TRUE LIFE then should we expect Jin to kick the bucket in the near future as Ana Lucia, Libby, & Mr. Eko did? (since they were all arrested too)

    Misfit do you suppose that your mole can enlighten you about this dastardly possibility?

  11. you need to post more!!!!!!

  12. this isnt even part of Lost
    its real the actor who played Jin was picked up for drunk driving and it was tape and thats it go check out http://www.lost-media.com/
    where you can read all about it

  13. hey misfit its brian and i know i havent blogged in a while i just started reading some of your new posts and i really do believe these things u say. i mean everyone complains that you say some weird stuff but ur always right or get most of it right and then when people that say hey theres no way its gonna happen see it and realize your right, they never admit to it ok good job misfit keep it up



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