Major SPOILERS for episode 7!! Vincent IS the smoke MONSTER!!

Hello AGAIN!! I have JUST been given ULTRA top secret INFORMATION about LOST!! In EPISODE 7 there WILL be a MAMMOTH reveal that WILL change THE way we look at LOST and the greatest LOSTIGATOR -> ME can reveal it for THE 1st TIME ever in the history OF the internet!! MY SUPER secret MOLE has sent me THE info THAT will blow you AWAY!!

At the END of episode 7 SAYID and Locke FIND some MORE wreakage in the Jungle and part OF the wrekage IS that of a DOG basket!! In the DOG basket is a DEAD dog that is dead!! AROUND its broken NECK is a name tag!! THe NAME is Vincent!!

It all MAKES sense now!!

Vincent/SMOKEY tries to Remove Pauly and Nickys Blanket!!

Vincent/SMOKEY tries to GET charlie BACK on his Heron!!

The FACE of EVIL!! HE was the 2nd CHARACTER we saw after JACK in the pilot EPISODE!! It was SMOKEY that PLACED him in the jungle!!


Vincent/SMOKEY is also a cannible!! He eats ARMS!! 

Do not read the ABOVE if you dont LIKE spoilered!!


  1. lol ive always thought vincent was smokey as well.

    good scoop mr misfit

  2. If a dog is eating a human arm...he isn't a cannibal

  3. or maybe vincent is smokey's pet or smokey is vincent's pet or vincent is smokey and the polar bear's son.

    "If a dog is eating a human arm...he isn't a cannibal" - that's right! he's just really hungry.

  4. Is this the VINCENT FLASHBACK we've all been waiting so patiently for???? CAN'T WAIT.

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You are so funny Misfit.

  6. wow!!
    now i think we've sulved Lost...!

    1.Vincent backwords is Tnecniv!!

    which means smoke in russin
    michil can speek whit the smoke monster that gives him new life
    every time he dies and mikile dies like 12 times befor brekfest

    2. in enter 77 lock says he like gods he alsow know smoky is vincent.

    3. in the Trish Tenka is dead
    you sea an Astroid distroys Hurlys resterant but that has nathing to do whit anything i just think its the best seane in the show!!!

    4. botat last name is Sagjiav

    5.lost backwords is tsol

    tsol is i cant whit 98 more fuckin days any more im ganna kill my self in Arabic

    sayid onced tourched a cat which are afraid of dogs dogs like vini or smoky or mikile's black sex partner...

  7. all the other spoilers sites are saying it could be jins funeral or suns dad in a flash foward. thats what i heard about epy 7.

  8. I'm so excited that they ARE going to find a Mammoth in a BASKET! It must be going to be very BIG! I knew they were in an iceage.

    Misfit, you are the bomb!

  9. Hey, didn't you see the fact?
    Vincent is lostzilla.This issMY theory guys,I've posted it on LostBrasil [yup,I'm brazilian,by the way, sorry by the bad english -_-]
    Well,it's just a dog,it's not here for "coincidence".


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