Episode 8 is BENNY centric!!

HELLO my fans!!I have NEW news for you all!! My moLE has been in contact and has TOLD me that EPISODE 8 is benny centric!! Here is A photo from the FLASHBACK!!


  1. 이 입력란은 모두 선택 사항입니다.Monday, November 26, 2007 3:17:00 pm


  2. This irritates the living hell out of me!! Wanna know what i think? I think this "mole" of youres is completely made up! Your a liar who makes stuff and doesn't know how to spell or type.

    I mean, duh!! Do people honestly believe this garbage??? because that's what this blog is: garbage!!!

    You need to be committed to an insane asulym.

  3. ben is walt's father
    walt is saten's father
    and kate is sWyeR's mom

    also in season 4 jin is going to get vincent pregnent and michel will be back to kill all the rest.

  4. I'm going to report you as a pediphile, you sick bastard.

  5. I love all the idoits that reply to the misfit.

    This is a real photo and can now be found on the IMDB page for the young actor.

    All the people above me are idiots.

  6. It's just behind the scenes of man behind the curtain. And so what if misfit is making it up, and finding stuff on the net to get some "humor" for us. So you need to calm down. This is a fake blog about the show of a obsessive number one fan. Boo hoo.


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