Shannon AND Bone ARE back AND Jin FLASHes!!

Hello MY great Adoring FANS of me!! I have SOME exclusive GOOD info for you ALL to listen to!!

IMy SUPER secret Mole person HAS given ME photos and IMAGES from an ELECTRONIC camera for SOME of the season FOUR episodes!!

Here WE see THAT Bone and ETHAN are FILMING for a scene IN season 4!! This WILL be FOR the episode NUMBER 3!!

ALSO we have A strange FLASHBACk that shows that GIN and Shannon KNEW each OTHER before the FLIGHT!! It APPEARS that SHanon WANTS jin to wear SOME ladies Clothes for SOME reason!! So it COULD mean that they were HAVING an Affair!!

THERE is no need to THANK me for these wonderful finds!!


  1. ETHAN will be a zombie?I'm shocked and confoozed.Great spoiler Misfit.

  2. it's good to see that you have been boning-up on the new season of LOST.

    ha ha snort.

  3. Sorry dude but Boone isnt gonna be back this season the actor playing him is making a movie starting next month I have that from a very good sorces


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