JACOB, Juliet and the POSTMAN!!

Hello FRIENDS of my greatness!! It is I the LOSTIGATOR of spoilers!! or AS my fans call ME the SPOILERGATOR!!

One of MY 1,374 SOURCES have sent in THE following IMAGES which ARE shocking YET a little giggly!!

It APEPARS that Jacob IS actually AN Hawaiin TOURIST who seems TO have GOT lost!! It looks LIKE the SMOKE monster HAS bashed HIS face with STICK or Stones OR maybe sharpe leaves!! But iT looks LIKE Jacob HAS a SMOKE GUN which is going to DESTROY the monster!!

It is NICE that JULIET is HOLDING his CHIN in place to stop JACOB talking or his CHIN falling off!!

BUT what is the MOST shocking IS that there APPEARS to be a POSTMAN on the Island!! He even HAS a TIE on!! HE seems VERY happy about SOMETHING!! Maybe it is HIS last DEleviery FOR the day!!

Look OUT!! spoilers!!


  1. wow, i always know that ! the yukulele player was the killer of jak's dad !

  2. maybe smokey can also turn into an orange gun!

    or more likely, smokey IS jacob's gun!

  3. To me that postman sort of resembles SNL's Dennis Miller dressed as a spiffy UPS driver. Why he isn't wearing his brown shorts on a tropical island is beyond comprehension.
    see "Uniforms":

  4. Great work as per usual misfit. I think the postal worker looks like Charlie. Therefore they must have had a rethink for Season 4 and are bringing him back! However Dominic Monaghan was reluctant to come back so has been replaced by this new actor in a seamless transition.


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