I have FOUND Jacobs CABIN!! It is a FLOATING house!!

HELLO Fellow LOSTIGATOR lovers!! I have FOUND more MAMMOTH info that PROPELLS Headlong INTO solving LOST even MORE!!

AS we ALL witnessed with Our EYES when LOCKE and BEn could NOT find JACOBS cabin AGAIN!! WELL I the GREAT lostigator HAVE the REASON!! It is a HOVER house THAT floats and CAN land!!

WE only SAW this SCENS for .00003423 MILLI seconds BUT with MY razor SHARP eyes AND Night VISON googles I found it for YOU my adoring Pubic!!

THEre IS no Need to THANK me for THIS find OF the century!!


  1. I'm an avid follower, but this is clearly a photoshop; A bad one at that.

    What happened to your keen eyes that spotted the real secrets?

  2. Photoshop I know I did it

  3. Indeed I am 1 of your millions of adoring pubics. Great stuff as always.

  4. Thanks fitsy!

    Another reference to the Wizard of Oz! (mentioned in misfit's post in the imdb forum)

    Love, the Bloo Dred


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