I have FOUND massive GHOULIES!!

YEs FANS of the MISFIT I have ONCE again come through for you ALL!!

I have FOUND the source of the WHISPERS!!They ARE Ghoulies!!

Click ON the ELtroniCE image BELOW to Make IT expand DIGITALLY into MASSIVE propPortions

THere IS no need TO Thank ME!!


  1. nO, THEre is a great NeEd TO thanK YOu. YOU have solVED 99.45789865323% of lOsT. GREAT lostiGATING!

  2. honestly. i fucken love you.

  3. Thanks for the screen cap! I thought I saw the ghoulie when I was watching the episode, but it was so brief I wasn't sure!

  4. I recently finished the internet and although it had many interesting chapters... this one right here was my favourite :)

    Misfit = God

  5. Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard that my face hurts!!


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