I KNOW why SAYId is WORKing for BENNY!!

YEs Lost FANS and MORE impotently MISFIT fans!!I have DISCOVERED for you WHY Sayid IS working FOR Benny!!He IS working WITH him because BEN is GIVING sayeed A SEX change!!

He IS half WAY through the OPERATION as you CAN see he has Breasts!!

This is An EENormous Discovery!!


  1. Great stuff..Sayid will need a training bra to keep those babies up to eye length.

  2. Did someone see the season 2 blooper reel where sayid wakes john saying "I cant quit you, baby" and then kisses him?

  3. Is this why you say so "MORE impotently"?

  4. You know.. there is a place called a gym, where you can work out your muscles and get pumped up, keep up the good work misfit


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