MASSIVe find!! Gin has BEEN replaced By a FAKE

Yes IT is me AGAIN the GREAT lostigator!!

I can REVEAL to you that Gin HAS been replaced BY an Imposter!!

I found this AS I watching the EPISODE backups and UPside down!!

Looks LIKE I am NOW even CLOSER to solving LOST!!


  1. mein gott!
    why don't any of them notice the fake jin?

  2. Misfit, you've done it again!

    Now please pass me the jam and we'll all be happy.
    Thanx hunnyyyyyyyy!!!

    x kisses x

    (long heart)

  3. maybe he's one of hurley's imaginary friends?

  4. Theory: Jin filmed his last episode and dies in it, but then they were filming extra scenes for another episode and didn't have him in Hawaii to shoot.

    JIN dies! You heard IT here FIRST!


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