The MISFIT dares to ASK!! - WHAT is wrong WITH baby Erin;s HEAD!!

HELLO again!!

I DECIDED to find MORE clues to SOLVE lost SO i watch the WHOLE episode BACKwards and FOUND some STUFF!!

It LOOKS like Poor BABY erin is HAVING a problem with her HEAD!! It is MAMMOTH!!

I compared THE ratio Of the HEAD to BODY of OVER 1323.45 PEOPLE and CHILDREND!! The AVERAGE H to B is 2.324543 BUT baby erins is 6.5535!!

I think she IS suffering from something called Giganticism!!

ALSO her eArs SEEM a bit LOW!!


  1. Omg.
    Its that thing off the goonies.
    Kill it quick!

    On a side note, well calculated MISFIT!!

  2. FYI. It's AARON. As in a male child.

  3. There is nothing wrong with his head. My nephew has a huge head like Aaron and he is perfectly normal. except when he eats dog poo.

    Great to be back Misfit,

    Your Bitch

  4. Your stupidity amazes me!


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