My REVIEW!! episode 3 - The Ergonomist!!

HELLO fans!! I have BEEN studying LOST with my EYES and brain AND here is my review!!

- I spotted SAYid stealing THE jewlry bracelet from NAOMI while she WAS sleeping!!
- I thOUGHT Saytid OVERREACTED slightly WHEN he lost THE golf BET by shooting the MAN!!
- WHY does NAomi sleep with HER eyes OPEN!!
- BEN has a brother WHO is a VET
- SAYEED found Juliets SECRET room with LOTS of MONEY and has STOLEN Benny's PASSports
- THE frieghter PEOPLE tried to FIRE an Exorcist MISSILE to blow up THE helipcopters!!
- Daniel Faradead's WATCHES dont Keeep Good time!!
- Sayid AND his Girlfriend Chelsea HAD a Big arguement AND they SHOT each OTHER!!I would HAVE thought a SIMPLE discussion COULD have WORKED out their DIFFERENCES
- FOR some REASON hurley was PLaying hide and SEEK in the Closet BUT locke FORgot to find HIM!!
- IT was NICE to see SAYID in a Flash Sideways!!
- SOMEone HAS moved Jacobs CABIN!!I suspect IT might be JACOB who wanted MORE privacy!!
- I am NOT sure WHY daniel Faradead WAS setting uP a Wireless ROUTER on the ISLAND!!Maybe HE was trying to RECEIVE some emails!!
- JUliets HOUSE was a BIG mess!!I think SHE needs to FIRE her CLeaner!!

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